Honiton Dementia Action Alliance


Registered as a Dementia Friendly Community. In 9 months we have created over 600 Dementia Friends

Aims and objectives of the Honiton DAA

  1.  To develop Dementia Friendly Communities for people living with dementia, their carers and families, voluntary and statutory services, businesses and the wider community.
  2. To improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers in the Honiton area, by developing greater awareness and understanding of dementia issues in our community.
  3. To ensure that the voice of those living with dementia are included, valued and heard, and guide the Honiton Alliance work.
  4. To establish links with businesses, service providers and people living with dementia.
  5. To seek membership from businesses and organisations in and around the Honiton area. To encourage them to take action to improve and increase awareness of dementia
  6. To provide accessible information and training to shops, businesses and their staff.
  7. To establish and maintain effective and supportive communities through information sharing networks by establishing a Website.

Chairperson: Heather Penwarden


Honiton has always been supportive of people living with dementia and their carers in our community.  We have a thriving Memory Café and taking the next step to work towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Community came naturally.  When a few people got together to hold an open meeting to discuss Dementia Friendly communities over 30 people attended and from that a steering group of committed people was formed.  Having backing from the Town Council was crucial and 2 councillors including the Mayor are steering group members.


Early on we carried out a survey of the opinions and desires of people with dementia and their families in our community

In direct response to this we worked with Leisure East Devon on setting up a Dementia Friendly Walking Group

Highlighted “Creating a Dementia Friendly Generation” and  now work with our Community College and other young people’s groups to offer Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions and volunteering opportunities

Offer Dementia Friends awareness sessions to individuals groups and organisations in the community.

In 9 months we have created over 600 Dementia Friends

Set up our own website, Facebook page and Twitter to get our dementia awareness messages out t to a broad spectrum of our community





Honiton DAA Steering group meets monthly in the town council offices. We welcome new members to the steering group and are always seeking to broaden the membership of our alliance

How to join the LDAA

For information on how to join HDAA or the Steering Group contact the Chairman Heather Penwarden on penwarden@btinternet.com.