Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance


Dementia Action Alliance coordinator:

Matthew Moors

01273 720603

AgeUK Brighton and Hove office

29-31 Prestonville Road, Brighton BN1 3TJ


Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance at Age UK Brighton and Hove


The Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance is hosted by Age UK Brighton and Hove and funded by the local CCG. Its aim is to work in partnership together with businesses, the local authority, the voluntary sector and most importantly with people living with dementia so  Brighton and Hove continue to work towards becoming a truly dementia friendly community.  The DAA coordinator will support and encourage organisations to submit action plans to demonstrate how they will become more dementia friendly.  

Through specific local named providers the Trust for Developing Communities, Engage and Create and local Dementia Champions to ensure that   Dementia Awareness is raised significantly within Brighton and Hove;  

Funding has been granted to allow 16 local organisations to provide micro-commissioned pieces of work to help support people living with dementia and their carers post diagnosis. Funds are also available to help small businesses to adapt their environment to become more dementia and easier for people living with dementia to navigate. 


A Dementia Friendly Community Forum has been established and is open to any business, organisation or passionate individual to attend to look at how they can become more dementia friendly. 

D-Mob DEEP dementia peer support group

In February 2018 we were very pleased to announce the beginning of the D-Mob DEEP dementia peer support group. This is a support group for people living with dementia run by people living with dementia. If you are interested in coming along the group meet ups are held every second Tuesday of the month 2-4 pm.

Please contact Matthew Moors at (01273 720603) if you are interested in any or all of the above!