Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance


Dementia Action Alliance coordinator:

Matthew Moors

AgeUK Brighton and Hove office

29-31 Prestonville Road, Brighton BN1 3TJ

Following on from the local Joint Needs Assessment undertaken in 2014 the Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance has now been formed and has the following 6 main objectives - 

 Dementia Action Alliance  


1.  To work in partnership together with businesses, the local authority, the voluntary sector and most importantly with people living with dementia so  Brighton and Hove achieves recognition as a Dementia Friendly Community. The DAA coordinator will support and encourage organisations to submit action plans to demonstrate how they will become more dementia friendly.  

 2.  Through specific local named providers the Trust for Developing Communities, Engage and Create and local Dementia Champions to ensure that   Dementia Awareness is raised significantly within Brighton and Hove;  

3.  By setting up new local forums, for example with Brighton Carers Centre, and others to ensure sustainability is built into the local DAA service model. Links will also be made with local Dementia Cafés, the Age Friendly City forum and other dementia friendly community groups 

Health and Wellbeing Outcomes


4.  Be committed to  increasing the  health and wellbeing of people with dementia and their carers in Brighton and Hove by looking at local physical activity programmes, for example dementia friendly  gardening;  

5.  To address and reduce social isolation of people with dementia and their carers;  

6.  To ensure that people with dementia and their carers experience significant improvements in their experience of living in Brighton and Hove;  


The Brighton and Hove DAA will have a local steering group consisting of key local organisations that will meet on a quartely basis and the first meeting is aimed to take place in December 2016 to be chaired by Matthew Moors, the local DAA coordinator. The steering group will disseminate information and advice for people living with dementia and identify future work, share good practice and join the dots between various local dementia service providers. Organisations will be encouraged to actively sign up to the Brighton and Hove Dementia Action Alliance hub, an e-portal that will be also be used to spread good practice to the wider local  community.  


Brighton and Hove DAA supporters

  • AgeUK Brighton and Hove 
  • Brighton Carers Centre 
  • Engage and Create 
  • Trust for Developing Communities