Model for Operational Delivery: Older prisoners from HM Prison Service

Thursday 21 March 2019

As part of our From Seldom Heard to Seen and Heard campaign, the NDAA has been working closely with organisations to look at how best to support people living with dementia who are part of the prison population. As part of that work we're pleased to share a document from the HM Prison & Probation Service called the Model for Operational Delivery (MOD): Older prisoners. The document considers how best to support prisoners that are older and has a lot of considerations on how to support people living with dementia.

Currently, prisons have populations that are often a complex mix of different types of prisoner with diverse needs and risks, it is very difficult for a regime to adequately cater for these. The result is that prisons are neither efficient in their use of the estate nor effective in how they allocate prisoners within it.

The MOD brings together for the first time a comprehensive analysis of the latest evidence for the types of prisoner that will be held in each prison type in the reconfigured estate; sets out the nature of the services and activities a prison should deliver and includes case study examples from across the estate. The MOD are designed to be a toolkit for Governors, reflecting the empowerment agenda. It is a resource which Governors can use to help design the prison day to meet the needs of prisoners. The MOD can also be used by Commissioners to effectively fulfil their commissioning role.

HM Prison MOD



Click here to download the Model for Operational Delivery: Older prisoners


HM Prison & Probation Service