5 minutes with Zoe Packman from NHS Improvement

Friday 3 August 2018

As the relaunch of our Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter approaches at the start of September, we spoke to Zoë Packman from NHS Improvement on the work being done by the organisation and her own role within that.

Zoe Packman Picture







Can you tell us about NHS Improvement?

NHS Improvement is responsible for overseeing foundation trusts and NHS trusts, as well as independent providers that provide NHS-funded care. We offer the support these providers need to give patients consistently safe, high quality, compassionate care within local health systems that are financially sustainable. By holding providers to account and, where necessary, intervening, we help the NHS to meet its short-term challenges and secure its future

What does your role involve?

Supporting professional development of senior nurses through talent management programmes, action learning & mentoring. Service improvement programmes including falls and 1:1 (enhanced care). Working with other arm’s length bodies and third sector organisations as required for programmes of work

We are re-launching our Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter in September. Why do you think it is important to consider people affected by dementia in hospital?

People living with dementia are vulnerable I believe that we should be supporting the delivery of compassionate care to them when they are in hospital.

Can you tell us about how your career to date has led you to your current role?

Senior nurse with 30 years’ experience latterly at Board and national level

What are you currently working on in regards to dementia?

In the context of my current service improvement work of falls and enhanced care

For more information on NHS Improvement go to https://improvement.nhs.uk/