Dementia Action Week 2018: 21-27 May

Monday 9 April 2018

Dementia Awareness Week is Alzheimer’s Society’s annual awareness raising campaign. This year the Week is changing to Dementia Action Week. While raising awareness and offering support will be important, we must go further to create the change in communities that people with dementia want to see.

The Dementia Statements will underpin the campaign – calling on everyone to recognise that people affected by dementia have a right to be treated equally and live the lives they want – free from fear and prejudice. At the heart of the Week will be the voice of people affected by dementia and the actions they want to see. By all taking action and uniting we can make these visions a reality for people living with dementia. 

During the Week everyone will be asked across the UK to unite and take actions – large and small – that will make everyday life better for people affected by dementia. Whether this is taking the time to reach out to someone with dementia for a chat, or rallying your local community to clean up a park to make it more dementia-friendly – every action makes a difference.

Dementia Action Week 2018 will take place 21-27 May.

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