Redhill Library Unveils New Signage

Thursday 4 January 2018

"We have recently improved the signs at Redhill Library. There will soon also be entrance and exit signs on the front door. There is also a sign in the lift that says 'You are in a lift'.

We hope that this improved signage, along with a general decluttering of the library space, will make it easier for people to orientate themselves within the library, especially as it is over 2 floors." Carol Hales, Senior Community Connections Officer, Surrey Library Service

These first steps are just part of a whole-improvement project in Surrey Libraries.

Special 'Reminiscence Collection'

The Reminiscence Collection is designed to be used by anyone who is caring for and supporting people with dementia, memory impairment or memory loss, whether at home or in a care or group setting. Users may be healthcare professionals, or individuals who are supporting family members or friends.

The collection consists of a wide range of materials for use in reminiscence therapy. It includes music, DVDs, flashcards, sensory boxes, posters, toys, games and jigsaws, as well as books: textbooks, activity books and themed books for browsing. The collection aims to stimulate memories of life from the 1920s onwards.

For further information about the Collection, how to become a registered user, or how to reserve items, please ask at your local library or contact the Library Information Service on 01483 543599 or email

Working together

Libraries have become much more than just places to borrow books. Libraries are a wealth of local information, activities and clubs. We are pleased to welcome Redhill Library as Alliance Members of their local Dementia Action Alliance group and look forward to seeing more developments that also take into account the needs of people living with dementia in the local community.