Care & Repair England update guides

Thursday 26 October 2017

Care and Repair logoCare & Repair England with Silverlinks has updated its guide on Making your home a better place to live with dementia

It is part of a series of guides for older people with health conditions covering respiratory conditions, macular and heart disease, dementia, stroke and arthritis with a general online guide for people with long term conditions. 

Each guide advises on what people can do to their home to make living with long term conditions more manageable. They look at areas such as:-

 •             design and layout

•             lighting and heating

•             safety, security and technology

•             gadgets and equipment

•             going out and about

The aim is to make life easier so that people can continue to live independently and do the things they want to do.

The guides also describe the range of alternative housing options and offer suggestions about where to find more detailed information, advice and help.

Visit Care & Repair England's website.