Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – People at the heart

Tuesday 3 October 2017

In recent times there has been a growing focus on how the care sector addresses issues associated with equality, diversity and human rights. The welcome focus on this agenda is coming from a range of quarters, and I want to highlight a couple of recent examples. Of particular importance has been the launch of the Dementia Action Alliance’s findings from their Seldom Heard Voices campaign. This crucial work has been looking at the diversity of support requirements of people living with dementia who are part of specific communities whose needs are not sufficiently recognised or addressed. The launch included the research findings from the three specific groups, taking the campaign voice from ‘Seldom Heard’ to ‘Seen and Heard’. There are a series of recommendations to support detailed work with prisoners with dementia, learning disabilities and dementia and dementia and the LGBT+ community. In each of action based documents there will be steps that are possible for all providers to take now to improve the experience of those needing care and support from these less well heard communities. The full set of reports and recommendations can be found here.

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