Barchester Healthcare and the PM Challenge 2020

Wednesday 23 August 2017

The DAA are aiming to shine a spotlight on the Prime Minister’s Challenge 2020 as we want to help the Department of Health implement this important piece of work. Jason Corrigan-Charlesworth at Barchester writes about what they are doing.

During 2016 Barchester Healthcare successfully piloted a new dementia programme called 10-60-06. It incorporates best practice in dementia care and also encompasses new therapeutic interventions. This programme has also been aligned to the National Institute for Care Excellence’s guidelines on dementia as well as UK regulatory requirements to ensure it encompasses legislative requirements.

Because of the success of the 10-60-06 programme to date we now are rolling this programme out to all our care homes that care for people living with dementia. Through collation and evaluation of statistics we have seen reduced distress reactions, reduction in the use of antipsychotic medication and improvements in individual’s well-being levels, to name just a few successes.

This new, ground-breaking programme also fully supports and embeds principles integral to the four main themes of the Prime Minister’s ‘Challenge on dementia’ Implementation Plan.

Risk Reduction

Elements of the programme provide support, advice and signposting to people living with dementia, their relatives and friends on how adopting a more healthy and active lifestyle can potentially slow the progression of dementia or place individuals in a lower risk category than previously.

Health and Care Delivery

It is crucial for all those receiving care and their relatives to know that they are being provided with care that is both a partnership and also current in its approaches. Sections of the 10-60-06 programme ensure that this standard is met through various methods, including delivery of tailored training packages (for both staff members and relatives). The programmes have been aligned with the Skills for Care Dementia Framework, ensuring the environment people are living in is homely, facilitates and encourages participation in meaningful activities, is supportive and promotes the voices of individuals, maintaining and safeguarding their rights. 

By obtaining a diagnosis, providing appropriate support in response and promoting a non-risk averse approach to life skills we aim to ensure that that a truly holistic approach is adopted. We want to ensure people live enjoyably full lives with dementia rather than merely existing, regardless of where they are on their journey. We also support their relatives playing a pivotal role.

Dementia Awareness

Through supporting and equipping staff to become Dementia Champions as part of the programme we have already opened a number of Memory Cafés  within our care homes that provide support, advice and enjoyment both to those living in the home and to those living in local communities. Homes are also required to join their local Dementia Action Alliance group to share practices, building up relationships within the community so everyone can work more effectively together towards local DAA objectives.


Improving the lives of those living with Dementia is the overarching purpose of the 10-60-06 programme. Utilising research on how to live well with dementia, we have introduced various technologies and developed Namaste care rooms. We have skilled staff up to look at the lived experience of dementia and to undertake skilled observations of behaviour. This ensures that we can meet the current and future needs of individuals throughout their individual journeys.

Finally to ensure good practices and innovations are shared with all, Barchester’s Dementia Care team have written a book called ‘Visiting the Memory Café and other Dementia Care Activities’ to help with support for everyone living with dementia, regardless of where they reside, helping relatives, too. The book provides guidance and suggestions on non-pharmacological approaches to living well and how these can be beneficial.