Blog: Lewy Body Society's Polka Dot-ty days

Tuesday 16 May 2017

This Dementia Awareness Week, DAA Member The Lewy Body Society shares the work they are doing to raise awareness of Lewy Body Dementia 

JC photo1I am Jacqui Cannon, CEO of The Lewy Body Society and pleased to be a member of the Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group.  The society is a member of the DAA because it believes in supports its aims and objectives.

One of the major benefits to the Lewy body society of DAA membership is the assistance and the support the team provide in helping us to share our message and awareness of DLB to its members and to a wider audience.  On behalf of myself and the Lewy Body Society I would like to thank all DAA members for their support. 

The Lewy Body Society will be fully supporting Dementia Awareness Week.  Then get your spots ready! Due to the success last year, Polka Dot-ty days are returning this year in June.

To celebrate the Lewy Body Society’s 11th birthday and in honour of the Society’s much loved Patron, Miss June Brown MBE, we have again this year designated the whole month of June to raising awareness of Lewy body dementia.

Posting pictures on social media of people wearing the Society’s signature dark blue with white spots. It doesn't have to be big, a wristband will do (which can be purchased from the society’s online shop) but the spottier the better. The second part of the challenge is to persuade at least 3 other people to join in. Group photos of the wearing of the spots would be fantastic.


On twitter the society will be using the hashtag #dottydays.

The Lewy Body Society is the only charity in Europe dedicated exclusively to Lewy body dementia. There are lots of resources and information on the charity’s website which can be downloaded.

Contact details are listed below:

Lewy Body Society


Phone: 0131 473 2385


Twitter: @lewybody