Webinar: REAL Communication

Thursday 20 April 2017

Event Date: Wednesday 17 May 2017
Location: 2-3pm. On computer and phone

Good communication and good care are interdependent. The webinar’s focus will be on REAL Communication, an evidence-based framework for good communication and care of older people with deeper dementia; on how and why it works. REAL is an acronym of the essentials of good communication with an older person living with dementia: Reminiscence, Empathetic engagement, Active listening and Life story. These facets of the approach improve the quality of life and relationships between the person with dementia and their carer/s. 

Anyone in a caring role knows that care can be as demanding for them as it is for those in receipt of it. To communicate effectively with a person with advancing dementia means we need not only to recognise the person’s individual experience of the disease, but also to acknowledge how their earlier life experiences affect this. Only then can we appreciate and address their ever-changing needs in the present.  

Webinar content

Four speakers will be gathering to discuss these matters:

Phill Watmough is living with young-onset dementia, cared for by his wife WendySuzy Webster cares for her mother who has dementia. She has worked with My Home Life for a number of years and is an MHL Leadership Programme and dementia workshop facilitator. Sarah Reed developed the REAL Communication framework after producing Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards, published as a result of caring for her mother who had dementia for a decade. She now runs award-winning interactive workshops to up-skill professionals and people who deliver care.

Together, they will be exploring REAL Communication and its benefits from different perspectives to:

  • consider how the REAL approach helps to deliver better relationships for people with dementia and their carers 
  • reflect on how it can address the changing needs of the person with dementia, and 
  • consider how REAL techniques can help deliver more meaningful engagement over the long-term. 

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Please note that this is open to the first 100 people that call in on the day - it may be worth considering sharing a phone line.