News: International Women's Day 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Older Woman close up

Did you know that in the UK, 62% of people who have dementia are women, and 38% are male? Not only as women are more at risk of developing dementia, the symptoms they live with are more severe.

The Global Alzheimer's and Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA) have this week released a report showing that dementia is listed by the World Health Organisation in the top ten causes of death for women worldwide and is now the biggest cause of death for women in the UK.

Dementia is a women's rights, social care and health issue that cannot be ignored. 

Members of the national Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) are proud to connect, share best practice and take action on dementia. They are proof that although times are tough across health and social care, there are things that can be done to help improve the outcomes and experiences of people living with dementia.

As part of International Women's Day 2017, we are celebrating the role that our members play in supporting women and carers who are affected by dementia. Some highlights include:

  • The work of Join Dementia Research who are helping develop effective treatments and improving care, as well as hopefully one day finding a cure.

As dementia disproportionately affects women, we know that there is a need for care to be conducted by confident, well informed health and social care professionals who understand the complex needs of women in their care. The actions and initiatives listed support everyone affected by dementia, but importantly they support the development of personalised and tailored care.  

Whilst dementia prevalence rates in women are higher than that of men, facing gender-specific barriers to living well with the condition must not be an issue. 

What are you doing to support women living with dementia on International Women's Day? Share your actions with us on Twitter via #DementiaAction

Written by Louise Thomas, Communications Officer, Dementia Action Alliance.