Reviewing the ‘I’ Statements 2016/17

Thursday 15 December 2016

The National Dementia Declaration ‘I’ Statements are central to the work of the DAA. They are the key principles of the alliance, around which all organisations agree to base their action plans. The idea was that the statements would encapsulate what someone with dementia could say about their life if they were properly supported, and that they would provide an ambitious and achievable vision for how society could support people with dementia. You can read the current statements here.

They were first put together in 2010 as the alliance was formed and have not been reviewed since. Alzheimer’s Society is leading this review, but input from people with dementia, carers and the other organisations who use the statements is essential in order to make the review a success.

Please complete a survey about how you use the statements. Email to get a paper copy/ for more information.

If you work with people with dementia, and would like to lead a discussion with them about the ‘I’ statements, you can download a Toolkit for I Statements on how to do this.