Meet our new Communications Officer, Louise Thomas

Thursday 6 October 2016

Dementia Action Alliance Secretariat is delighted to welcome Louise Thomas as our new Communications Officer. Read her first blog and find out more about what she'll be getting up to...

Did you know there are over 100 different diseases that cause dementia? I didn’t.

I thought I knew a lot about dementia until a few days ago, when I joined the secretariat at Dementia Action Alliance – the team bringing together health and social care organisations committed to taking action that transforms the lives of people living with dementia, and their carers. They are a combination of health and social care professionals, businesses and organisations such as Public Health England and Bupa Care Services.

I have learnt very quickly that my knowledge of dementia and the experience I have of loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s does not even scratch the surface of the wealth of information that is out there. And it is the same when I speak to friends and family – they tell me they understand dementia until we dig deeper, and they realise there’s much more to learn.

It is for that reason why it is so important that Dementia Action Alliance exists. Clearly there is still so much to be done to raise awareness of dementia, and to ensure those affected by it are able to live well around diagnosis and long after.

Those in the health and social care sector are highly knowledgeable and are best placed to take the action needed to transform lives. Dementia Action Alliance enables just that through facilitating member action plans, campaigning on prominent health and social care issues such as creating more dementia friendly hospitals, and providing regular opportunities for members and those with lived experience to meet and share best practice.

It’s all about strength in numbers. Our collaborative approach means that we can guarantee tangible action is happening everywhere, even in the hardest to reach areas. This is evident through our growing membership across health and social care practice.

I am joining the DAA team as Communications Officer. This means that throughout the year I will be sharing the brilliant work that DAA does far and wide, as well as highlighting why its work and campaigns are so important. I plan to do this through storytelling as I’m a real advocate that first hand stories are the most powerful way for anyone to empathise with a cause. This will come through:

  • Checking in and meeting with members at various points in the year
  • Spotlighting and sharing stories about the different actions DAA members are taking 
  • Interviewing members at DAA events
  • Enabling people to share stories that highlight the importance of our campaigns
  • Refreshing the DAA website and it’s social media to make them useful platforms for everyone

DAA brings together an active cohort of people who are passionate about taking rhetoric around improving the lives of people affected by dementia and making it reality. It’s time that more people heard about what they do, and I am looking forward to sharing stories with members and non-members alike.

Louise Thomas is Communications Officer at Dementia Action Alliance. Contact her directly via email: and add her on Twitter @_louisethomas