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Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) is responsible for the planning, commissioning and delivery of adult care services in Derbyshire. DCC Adult Care services aim to help vulnerable adults to live safe, independent and rewarding lives through integrated, local, personalised services and support. The department also has a responsibility to provide information and advice to the general public, including those who fund their own support, about social care and universal services.

16 January 2019
East Midlands
Care, Local Authorities, Commissioners Sector, Health, Local DAA Members, Social Care
Local Alliances:
Derbyshire Dementia Action Alliance , Chesterfield Dementia Action Alliance, Buxton & High Peak Dementia Action Alliance, Erewash Dementia Action Alliance, South Derbyshire Dementia Friendly Community, Amber Valley Dementia Friendly Community

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Derbyshire County Council works closely with a range of strategic partners to deliver better outcomes for people living with Dementia and their carers. The seven outcomes listed by the Dementia Action Alliance are incorporated within our Joint Dementia Commissioning Strategy and Service plans. We are also now using the NHS England Dementia Well Pathway as a framework to ensure appropriate support is provided across all 5 stages of this pathway. The Derbyshire County Council Plan 2017-2022 outlines a commitment to ‘Develop support services for people with Dementia to help them live well and independently’. The Council continues to develop and extend the reach of a number of services specifically for people with Dementia in order to achieve this.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

It is estimated that there are 14,000 people currently living with late onset dementia (65+ years) in Derbyshire, with numbers set to rise to over 17,000 by 2026, and to 20,000 by 2031. Resources are anticipated to remain constrained for the foreseeable future so the over-arching challenge is to invest to save. The actions listed present both a challenge and an opportunity as it will require the Council, NHS and the Voluntary Sector to work closer together to continue to develop and improve dementia services. Success will be measured by clear ownership of the outcomes achieved across organisations and real evidence of services co-produced with people with Dementia and their carers.

2. Actions

  • Review and Update the Joint Dementia Strategic Overview for Derbyshire

    This will be the latest Derbyshire County response to the views of local people and key national frameworks such as the National Dementia Strategy. It will list specific commissioning intentions for a range of initiatives some of which may already exist but may be modified; others may be new.

    A Joint Commissioning Group has been set up successfully to jointly work on the strategy review. Any difficulties so far have been successfully addressed within this forum and will continue to be resolved in this way.


    2019 - First Quarter Update

    A working group has been established with representatives from across Health, Social Care and the Voluntary Sector to establish a joint Strategic Overview with shared outcomes for people living with Dementia across Derbyshire and Derby. Further engagement will take place regarding this in early 2019 before this is published.
  • Facilitate the development of local dementia action alliances (DAAs) and dementia-friendly communities across Derbyshire

    - Identify partners to develop local DAAs across Derbyshire

    - Organise initial meeting/s to promote information sharing between partners and promote the formation of local DAAs

    - Raise awareness of the need for more dementia-friendly communities and DAAs amonst key stakeholders 

    - Support the development of DAAs by contributing resources such as staff time, facilities etc. 

    Being implemented

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    In February 2017 Public Health within Derbyshire County Council commissioned Alzheimer’s Society to create and develop more dementia friendly communities across Derbyshire. There are now many businesses, organisations and community facilities across the county that are becoming dementia friendly including leisure centres, GP surgeries, high streets, tourism destinations and activities such as cinema screenings and swimming sessions as well as a number of active local DAAs. Moving forward the Dementia Friendly Derbyshire project is focusing on how developments made so far can be made more sustainable.

  • Develop and introduce new, modern Community Care Centres and Extra Care Housing designed specifically for people living with Dementia

    Derbyshire County Council has invested heavily in new Community Care Centres and Extra Care Housing for people with Dementia. The centres provide a dementia friendly hub for the local community with integrated services tailored to the needs of the community they serve. Services available include; residential care, intermediate care, respite, day opportunities, peer support groups and specialist information and advice.

    The projects outlined in the original action plan concerning the Council’s Accommodation, Care and Support strategy, are due for completion during 2015-16. This includes: two new Community Care Centres - Meadow View and Florence Shipley in Darley Dale and Heanor respectively; two new Extra Care schemes at Maple Mews (Alfreton) and Smithybrook View (Clay Cross); a combined Extra Care and Community Care Centre in Long Eaton (Lacemaker Court).

    Our Community Care Centres are built as dementia friendly physical environments and have supported and staff continue to support our local DAAs. In 2016 Oakland Village in Swadlincote and Florence Shipley in Heanor hosted the launch of DAAs in South Derbyshire and Amber Valley respectively.

    An Extra Care scheme at Potters Place in Chesterfield opened in September 2014 and the Council has recently been granted planning permission for a combined Extra Care and Community Care Centre in Buxton.


    2019 - First Quarter Update

    Since 2010 Derbyshire County Council have introduced several newly designed Community Care Centres and Extra Care Housing complexes in partnership with other agencies. The ambition is to continue to develop utilisation of these as hubs of the local communities in which they are situated.

  • Continue to develop and expand the reach of the Derbyshire Dementia Support Service

    In February and March 2016 Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and representatives on behalf of the four NHS Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups consulted with stakeholders, including people with Dementia, carers, health and social care professionals and the third sector about the support required to live well with Dementia in the community.

    The results highlighted the importance of particular types of support that are important for people living with Dementia, their carers and professionals who support them including advice and information, carer support, peer support and activities.

    This feedback has been used to help shape the service contract which has been procured for the provision of a Derbyshire Dementia Support Service and the Dementia Support Service in Derby City and will ensure consistency of local provision. The Consultation Report is available on the Derbyshire website here.

    The re-procurement is being undertaken in Summer 2016 with the new contracts due to commence in December 2016.


    2019 - First Quarter Update

    This service has recently been reviewed and re-procured and is now provided by the Alzheimers Society. The new service incorporates changes in response to recommendations of the Healthwatch Derbyshire Dementia Engagement report undertaken in 2018 including a renewed focus on heard to reach groups including BAME, Learning Disabilities and people of working age living with Dementia.
  • Continue to develop and expand the Dementia Reablement Service so this is accessed by more clients and is integrated with other specialist services

    Specialist Dementia Home Care services in Swadlincote, Chesterfield and the Shires / Langwith area of Bolsover have been explored and piloted with different models of care to meet the needs of people with Dementia. A significant feature of all the Specialist Home Care Services in Derbyshire is the emphasis placed on a time-limited (6-8 week) intervention to achieve stabilisation of a potential crisis situation.

    The current specialist home care services in Derbyshire have proved to be effective in reducing carer stress, maintaining independence in the community; improving well-being, reducing or delaying admissions to care homes and reducing hospital bed stays. Reviews of the services in relation to these outcomes suggest that they offer good value for money and can deliver financial efficiencies.

    The next stage of development is to expand the service model in an affordable, effective way. Joint funding has been agreed with SDCCG to develop a new service re-branded as ‘Dementia Re-ablement’ in the Amber Valley area. There is ambition to expand this model to other areas in the county using money from the Better Care Fund. It is hoped the Amber Valley Service will be in operation by December 2016.


    2019 - First Quarter Update

    This short term home care service is focussed on stabilising support at home and identifying a proportionate level of ongoing care and support required. The service has expanded and is now operational in all 8 districts of Derbyshire. Derbyshire County Council are continuing to develop the quality and capacity of this service to work alongside other important services such as the NHS Dementia Rapid Response Team.

  • Raise awareness of dementia among council staff, departments and across Derbyshire

    - Provide regular Dementia Friends Information Sessions for staff targeting those working in Adult Care and those who working directly with the public

    - Other aims for the delivery of these sessions include supporting staff who may have been affected by dementia, promoting dementia risk reduction and early diagnosis, highlighting where to find information about local dementia services

    - Encourage staff attending Information Sessions to become Dementia Champions so they can continue to deliver to their own teams

    - Help deliver events to raise awareness of dementia across Derbyshire to promote local services and deliver Dementia Friends Information Sessions for staff in localities


    2019 - First Quarter Update

    We continue to provide quarterly Dementia Friends Information Sessions for all council staff. We encourage staff to become Dementia Champions so they can continue to deliver awareness sessions to their own teams. DCC have worked with other partners as part of Joined up Care Derbyshire to develop a new Delirium awareness e-learning package.

  • Increase information and communication around all types of dementia and provide clear information on all signs and symptoms

    We will continue to work with a range of partners to review and update the ‘Guide to Dementia Services leaflet’. DCC have updated the Dementia section of the Carers in Derbyshire website following feedback within the Healthwatch Dementia Engagement report undertaken in 2018.
  • Improve co-ordination of support services for carers, so they know where to go for advice, signposting and referrals

    DCC continues to work with a range of partners including NHS CCGs, DHCFT, DCHS, Derby City Council and the Voluntary sector to achieve greater co-ordination and integration of services. Derbyshire Carers Association are now working in Partnership with ‘Walking for Health’ to introduce a programme of walks throughout Derbyshire which are ‘carer friendly’.

  • Continue to support & invest in public health lifestyle & behaviour change programmes known to have a beneficial effect on preventing or reducing the impact of dementia e.g. reducing cardio vascular disease, preventing falls.

    The Live Life Better Derbyshire healthy lifestyle service was brought in-house in December 2017. This provides advice on stopping smoking and weight management and will also include physical activity sessions. There is now a holistic self-assessment tool which looks at lifestyle together with the wider determinants of health.

    Dementia awareness & signposting is now included in the training for staff delivering the NHS Health Check programme.

    The falls prevention service, Strictly No Falling, delivered by Age UK Derby & Derbyshire, has been recommissioned by Public Health from April 2019. These classes provide strength and balance exercises to reduce the risk of falls as well as social engagement activities.