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Total Legacy Care

We get people talking about the ‘Elephant in the Room’… Here at TLC, we want to help you talk about the subjects you may not want to. Our core values are reflected in our brand, we care and we want to help with later life planning. So whether you want to make a Will, put Lasting Power of Attorneys in place, need help with Probate, Life Insurance, Mortgages, Pension advice or to plan for your funeral, we are here to help you protect your nest egg and ensure that it goes exactly where you want it to, planning for your family’s future.

8 September 2020
East of England
Local Alliances:
Luton Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

By helping those with Dementia put plans in place for later life we ensure they have choice, control and influence over the decisions that affect them; by putting valid Lasting Powers of Attorney in place this allows the PLWD to put an Attorney in place that they know and trust will make decisions that they would make themselves, if they could, will take into account their wishes and will always act in their best interest. This also gives the carers the ability to act on behalf of the PLWD and confidence knowing that there will be no interruption in their care, health or financial affairs should the PLWD lose capacity or be unable to take decisions for themselves.

Our educational website – www.DementiaTLC.co.uk – provides simple advice, knowledge, hints, tips and support for those diagnosed with Dementia and in the early stages and their caregivers to provide them with confidence and ideas to support them in what can be a difficult time in navigating their dementia journey.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Our biggest challenge is ensuring that the PLWD still has the capacity to put the necessary legal documentation in place, whether that be Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney, we must ensure that we are satisfied with their level of capacity and understand the nature and extent of the legal documentation and what powers they are giving (LPAs) or what they are putting in place (Wills and LPAs).


There is no agreed test in relation to capacity and thus this largely subjective and can all depend on when the PLWD is seen, who they speak to and how they are feeling at that particular time.

Member website


2. Actions

  • All staff to undertake NVQ Level 2 in Dementia Care

    It is important that as our organisation grows they have an understanding of dementia and how to understand, communicate and care (on even a basic level) for those with Dementia and the different types of dementia and potential symptoms.

    We will require all staff to have commenced this within 12 weeks of starting employment with us.

  • Directors to become Dementia Friends

    Both Directors of TLC will become Dementia Friends by Dementia Friends Information sessions.

  • To use social media to continue to raise awareness of Dementia, educate and help the wider community understand Dementia.

    We have started an Instagram Account (@DementiaTLC) and Facebook Page – DementiaTLC - to raise awareness and provide support and education for those recently diagnosed with Dementia and their caregivers.

    We will continue to provide posts on these platforms on a regular basis (3-4 post a week).

  • Both Directors to become Dementia Friend Champions

    Both Directors of TLC will attend training to become Dementia Friend Champions in order to deliver their own courses and create more Dementia Friends.

  • Provide Dementia Care & Support Drop-In Sessions

    As a Company we will provide free legal advice and support Drop-In sessions for those affected by Dementia.

    these will be held at Luton Central library on a monthly basis.

  • Provide Free Legal Consultations

    We will provide free 30-minute consultations for those affected by Dementia. This may be related to the Dementia diagnosis (putting Lasting Powers of Attorney or Wills in place) or may be unrelated or indirectly related - advice for caregivers, advice in relation to benefits and state funding etc. These will largely be telephone consultations, especially given the current economic climate but can be arranged in person if required.
    Being implemented
  • Using Social Media to Raise Awareness

    Continue our ever-growing social media presence to raise awareness in relation to Dementia and Dementia Friendly Actions.
    Being implemented
  • Working with Carers Central (Luton)

    Working with Carers Central in Luton to provide a free advice line for those that are in contact with Carers Central to provide legal advice and support.

    Being implemented