Stephen Joseph Theatre

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is a cultural icon of the Yorkshire region, providing accessible, high quality theatre for audiences worldwide for 60 years! We offer a unique, intimate experience with our renowned theatre-in-the-round as well as our smaller traditional end-on McCarthy theatre and cinema. The SJT is known for its world premieres of almost all of Alan Ayckbourn’s 78+ plays and its commitment to new writing. It is home to excellent drama, music, films, comedy and live streaming and has been the starting point for many, now familiar names. The SJT aspires to being a local theatre that everyone in the borough is proud of, comfortable attending and knows what’s on. It aims to have an affordable offer for everyone and develop close links with the various communities on its doorstep.

7 September 2018
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Alliances:
Scarborough Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

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2. Actions

  • Improve all staff understanding of Dementia

    We will have a member of staff trained as a Dementia Friend partner in order to deliver Dementia Friend training to all staff.

    Once established we will offer Dementia Friend awareness sessions to other local external partners as and when we run additional sessions for new staff members.

    Uncompleted, Delivery, Planning
  • Provide a venue for DAA meetings & training sessions

    As part of our partnership with the local DAA the SJT will provide meeting room facilities for monthly meetings and or training sessions as and when required.

  • Incorporate Dementia awareness in our existing and future work with care homes and isolated older people

    The SJT is currently involved in a number of projects reaching older, isolated people in the local community and care homes. This is delivered through the OutReach department and involves various workshops and events to help bring these people together and raise awareness of the issues these groups face. By being more aware of the Dementia our providers will be able to identify and respond to the needs of this community better and help increase awareness generally.

    Implementation, Delivery
  • Dementia Friendly Performance

    The SJT will, where possible provide Relaxed, dementia friendly performances for its own productions.