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Shift8* is committed to changing the world by introducing socially responsible and life changing products to UK & Ireland. Our first product is called Tovertafel (Magic Table) and consists of a series of interactive light animations that are projected onto any table and which motivate the mind and inspire those living with mid-to-late stage dementia to be socially and physically active.

9 August 2018
Care, Communication, Local DAA Members
Local Alliances:
Kingston Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

As a DAA member, we believe we can join forces with other like-minded organisations who are having an impact at a very local level. We want to contribute to the positive results the DAA is having (as summarised in the DAA’s Impact Survey, 2014) and believe our own efforts can add something to local communities, alongside the work we’re already undertaking.


Specifically, we believe that loneliness and a lack of social interaction is a problem for lots of older people, but its particularly difficult if they also have dementia.


We are aiming to address the isolation, loneliness, lack of social interaction, lack of physical activity, lack of cognitive stimulation and lack of ability to enjoy relaxing activities that people living with dementia – particularly those living with mid-to-late stage dementia – experience.


We want to enable people living with dementia to live well and have the opportunity to enjoy all these things. We want people living with dementia to have better emotional and physical wellbeing, to feel more confident, to try something new and to engage in former interests.


We want to provide opportunities for young people to play and interact with people living with dementia. We want to bring people living with dementia into the community. We want to provide the opportunity for people living with dementia to demonstrate that they have knowledge and life experiences to share (many of the games have reminiscence elements that provoke old memories and stories being shared). We want everyone to understand and witness that you can live well with dementia; that you can have “happy moments”.  Very importantly, we also want to provide the loved ones and carers of those living with dementia with an opportunity to engage, relax and play with those they love and/or are caring for.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The challenges faced by Shift8* to deliver these outcomes include:

Tovertafel is more than "just an activity". We are working with many innovative care providers to deliver the full range of services and benefits that Tovertafel can bring, through daily use and by being an activity that can be played by all. However, we need to reach more people in the community and make each installation in the community work even harder. With an increasingly challenging economic climate, the difficulties of reaching these often isolated and overlooked members of our society increases.  Support services are threatened and, as social enterprise, driving awareness among these local communities is one of our greatest challenges.

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2. Actions

  • Action 1- Provide moments of happiness for those living with mid-to-late stage dementia, their family and their carers.

    By encouraging the installation of Tovertafels in libraries and community centres, and encouraging care homes and day centres to open their Tovertafel to a wider audience, we aim to reach as many people as possible who are living with dementia. We can achieve this by breaking down the stigma that can be attached to day centres or care homes, and providing meaningful activity and engagement for this often overlooked corner of society. 


    2018 - Third Quarter Update

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  • Action 2 - Promote inter-generational social interaction

    Where Tovertafel have been installed, we will roll out our Tovertafel Buddies programme. This is where we organise for a local school or university student to do weekly visits. We will train the students, all organised with the correct safeguarding in place, to ensure they understand how to use all the Tovertafel games optimally and they can pass this knowledge onto the care staff and the users. This will foster inter-generational social interaction, understanding and community cohesion.


    2018 - Third Quarter Update

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  • Action 3 - Promote dementia awareness and training

    We aim to have every member of the Shift8* team attend a Dementia Friend session (run by Alzheimer’s Society), and will encourage everyone to also become a Dementia Champion so we can lead our own sessions and create more Dementia Friends, increasing awareness of dementia in society.


    2018 - Third Quarter Update

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