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Genii Home Care and Lifestyle Services Ltd

Genii Home Care and Lifestyle Services was established in 2017, as one of several within a group of companies which have been established to support vulnerable adults, their families and carers living within Northamptonshire. CEO, Genii Group, Natasha Tyrrell, a former Corporate Senior Executive (over 20 years) and social care volunteer (the latter for c.30 years), has brought the businesses to life to generate a profit to support the build of a Wellness and Wellbeing Centre (a CIO) here in Northamptonshire and is in the process of bringing enough funding to support the build. The centre will support local smaller social enterprises and the people of Northant in providing support for people with Dementia, their families and carers to name just one demographic. Natasha's passion and love for people in supporting them to live life and love life, in every environment in which they exist, irrespective of their disabilities or personal challenges. People are everything is what our company mantra is and our vision is to support carers and their loved ones in what can be a difficult world. We specialise in Dementia care provision working within individuals own homes, in retirement homes, supported living accommodation, care home settings and other institutions. We work within Northamptonshire communities. Our values are based on delivering safety, kindness, integrity, honesty, reliability, love and respect. Our staff are recruited from the University of Northampton where our CEO is also a voluntary lecturer in Social Entrepreneurialism and business mentor for students from the Business and Health & Social Care faculties. We also recruit from local communities, providing employment. We recruit attitude above aptitude and pay higher rates and provide bonuses and weekly training and 1-2-1 support for all of our staff. We are investors in people.

2 July 2018
East Midlands
Care, Domiciliary Care, Social Care
Local Alliances:
Northampton Dementia Action Alliance, Northamptonshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Genii Home Care and Lifestyle Services is not a domiciliary care agency (although we provide all of those types of service too, but they areonly a part of what we do), we are a 'managed lifestyle' organisation.  What that means is that we undertake a full assessment of each of our service users and their families within every environment in which they exist and produce a 'tailored'  'life plan', to enable them all to live life and love life proactively, with the help of our lifestyle assistants, having identified the needs, wants, life goals and objectives of our clients, we then deliver all that they require inside and outside of their living environments.

Our experts are trained to understand the syndrome which is dementia.  This enables them to support pro active care plans and also we communicate to the families every time we engage with the service user, this means that they are kept fully up to date and involved with their loved ones and get press ahead with their own lives, jobs, children management and so on.  We are on hand 24/7. 

We undertake the Dementia 'journey' from the moment a person is diagnosed and provide education, support, empathy and understanding to our families as such.  

We have many testimonials and one such familiy living within a rurla village within Northamptonshire recently attested to inform us that their family, "Cant live without Genii Home Care & Lifestyle Services with the flexibility, choice of so many different services offered, compassion and care" we are providing them with (Please ask for reference details if required).

Dementia can be scary, we aim to provide support and education to help people overome the fear and realise that with help, they can continue to enjoy life.

Dementia means that people change over a period of time, we support those changes based upon individual needs.  We encourange people centred care which enables our clients to make decisions as all stages of dementia, be it choice in their meal types, dressing, outings, house keeping and much more.

Dementia is growing in number and we aim to continue to work with all other authorities, local institutions, social enterprises and healthcare professionals to 'join' them 'up'.  This move away from a siloed approach to social care is what the CEO of Care England (Professor Martin Green OBE and Andrea Sutcliffe (CQC CEO), )both of whom our CEO continues to work with closely, meeting them in London regularly), both endorse.  This make the customer experience a much better one, where support is 'end to end' and 'seamless'.  It makes living life positive in another regard and again, ensures that people are fully supported.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The challenges for us delivering these outcomes include the current state of social care in England, which, as many would agree, is disjointed in terms of its central strategic approach and indeed local approach.  We are working with a vast number of organisations working within the secotr to 'join up' and collaborate so as to support each other to produce better, more streamlined services for the people we are all serving.

Funding is an issue in terms of the process and the duration it takes for a person to be assessed.  We support people in all kinds of financial situation and are in the process of building a centre of excellence which will be fully funded by Genii Group businesses, to support as many people who cannot afford to self fund within the county as possible.

We are supporting hospital discharge teams to enable them to free up hospital beds and get individuals with dementia back into their own homes, where they feel safe and comfortable and we then support rehabilitation of that transition process with the individuals and their families.

We support care home environments and retirement viallages and are working within the construction industry to provide services in social care to expand their service offerings, importantly providing managed services for their customers, to enable people to have the freedom to live inside and outside of their homes in a safe and effective way.

We employ therapists, nurses, lifestyle support assistants, household activity assistants, entertainment teams, transition teams and more to ensure people are provided with all of the expertise they need on an ongoing, long term basis.

We provide respite services (long and short term) for people who are carers and are challenged with exhaustion, tiredness, frustration and so on.  We support them in getting a break from being a carer and indeed provide them with life plans to to ensure that they are making the most of living their lives as individuals, not just as carers too.  We are helping them cope.

There are many more challenges, these a just a few which we have experienced and the action we are proactively taking to overcome them.

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2. Actions

  • Supporting Dementia within the Northamptonshire Community

    1. Engage with local authorities, organisations, social enterprises, individuals within communities, GP practises, hospitals and other local institutions to support enablement of local services to take a more 'joined up' approach, to ensure that service users are less confused as to where to go to, what help they can receive and educated quickly when they receive a diagnosis of dementia within their environment. This engagement will include discussions of how Genii Home Care & Lifestyle Services could engage them best and support them effectively on an ongoing basis. Helping other organisation to help the people we all support within Northamptonshire. 2. Raising funds and building a Dementia Wellness and Wellbeing Centre within the county to support families, carers and service users, irrespective of means. Treating all people with equal respect, providing them with a high quality of service and support as such. 3. Continuing to invest in our people to maintain and continue to improve upon their education to ensure that they have the 'tools' to support and educate others within the community about dementia and can promote a positive life experience for all as such. 4. Working with central authorities to support them in 'joining up' their approach from the Government to local communities. Regular engagement and positive, productive relationship building (as per point one). 5. Helping expedite the funding and assessment process through the Dementia Wellness Centre programmes.