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J&S Day Services

J &S Day Services aim to provide a specialist day service for people with Dementia related illness, physical and sensory needs, in a relaxed and social environment. J&S endeavour to provide the highest quality care. We are client focus and provide a happy yet professional service. We recognise that everyone is an individual and has different goals and needs. With this in mind, some of the opportunities will need to be met outside of the day service and in partnership with others. Our service offers a wide range of activities which include support and community involvement that helps individuals maintain their independence. We also have our own sensory garden. J&S Day Services are available 5 days per week and are located on Tigers Close, South Wigston and are in easy reach of the local town centre.

3 January 2018
East Midlands
Local Alliances:
Blaby District Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

J &S Day Services aim to provide a specialist day service for people with Dementia related illness, physical and sensory needs, in a relaxed and social environment. J&S endeavour to provide the highest quality care by working alongside individuals with dementia, their carers, Adult Social Care, GP’s and other health care providers.


We recognise everyone as an individual; we all have our own personal needs and goals. With this in mind, we offer an individual assessment to enable us to understand each person’s life history and their personal culture.  J&S use this information to provide a tailored service with the needs of the individual at its core. 


By providing valuable respite for carers and families, who face the daily challenge of meeting the needs of their loved ones, we aim to offer support to enable them to continue their caring role within the community.


Our service offers a wide range of activities which include support and community involvement which helps individuals maintain their independence.


2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Making carers aware of the service

We’re able to offer a bespoke service for our clients which makes our services unique compared to other services available in the area. All of our staff are experienced in working with people with Dementia. For some carers who are familiar with the larger organisations, finding out about our service and understanding that the service we offer is tailored to individual needs can be challenging.


Making carers aware of the available funding

In this difficult economic climate, the cost of caring for our loved ones is a growing concern. We have found that carers are often unaware of the financial help that is available to them and as a result, they do not believe that services, like ours, are accessible.  By working within the local community we aim to share information and signpost carers and families to the resources and funds which are available to them, helping them to continue their role as a carer with the help and support they need. 


Supporting Carers during difficult times

Often carers can become emotionally and mentally strained when a diagnosis is made. Forms, leaflets, paperwork and conversations with health care professionals can often be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. At J&S day services, we aim to offer support to families throughout this stressful time.


Helping those with Dementia understand why they need support.

J&S understand that each individual has different needs, due to this we gather as much information regarding the person in question to ensure a smooth transition into our service. During this process we are able to recognise the individual’s thoughts on why they will be attending our service and work towards the transition.   

2. Actions

  • Be an active and valued part of the local community

    At J&S we want to encourage the community to be involved with our service and we want to continue to invite various community groups to visit us. We work alongside the local Police, schools, colleges, local support groups, carers groups, gardening group, outside activity providers and other professionals to increase Dementia awareness and remove the fears and stereotypes that are often associated with individuals experiencing memory loss.

    As a police ‘safe house’, we offer a comforting environment for the local police to bring vulnerable adults who have been found within the community


    2018 - First Quarter Update

    New Member

  • Continue to support local carers groups

    We want to continue to attend meetings with local carers group to raise awareness of the services we offer and enable people in the community to continue thriving and living independently within their local community.



    2018 - First Quarter Update

    New Member

  • Offer a person centered approach

    Following an initial and ongoing assessments of their personal likes, needs and cultures, J&S aim to offer a person centred approach. We want services to be designed around the person and their needs for them to have control and to influence the decisions that are made about them.  It is important that people living with Dementia continue to have a sense of belonging in a safe and supportive environment where they feel valued and understood, this ethos is at the heart of J&S Day Services.


    2018 - First Quarter Update

    New Member

  • Support carers

    Being a carer can often be isolating, through group sessions, we want to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for carers and families where people can share experiences and know that they are not alone. We have scheduled group events with informative discussions and talks on important, but often challenging matters, including fraud awareness.

    Caring for a loved one with Dementia is an emotionally challenging experience; we aim to offer a friendly, yet professional service with links to the necessary resources which may be available.


    2018 - First Quarter Update

    New Member

  • Promote health and well being

    Keeping the mind and body healthy is important for everyone. We offer a range of activities to stimulate and entertain individuals. Our sensory garden gives people the opportunity to enjoy tasks they once loved but may not be able to part take in without the support of our service. Group games and activities encourage social interaction in a fun and friendly environment.

    As a bespoke service, we are able to adapt and offer new activities which are designed to empower individuals and provide enjoyable experiences which we hope will help to maintain physical and mental health.

    We have been visited by Leicester City football coach and we aim to offer more exciting events like this in the future.


    2018 - First Quarter Update

    New Member