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Bethphage is a Shropshire based registered charity which was established in 1994 and provides support to adults with learning and physical disabilities. Our services include registered care homes, supported living services, day opportunities, outreach support and a specialist assessment and transition service. We aspire to be a positive behaviour organisation (PBO). Using the concepts and values of positive behaviour support, we apply them to how we manage and lead our staff and to how staff behave with each other. We believe that, by becoming a PBO, we will make a significant difference to the quality of life of the people who use our services and make Bethphage an even better place to work. Our vision is of inclusive communities where all people have the opportunity to live the life they choose and we seek to achieve this by implementing our core values, personal growth, honesty, respect and active involvement.

25 January 2018
West Midlands
Care, Recreation
Local Alliances:
Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

  • To provide Dementia awareness training to all of the staff team working directly with or who are likely to be in contact with people with Dementia within their role across all services within Bethphage. 
  • To progressively expand the scope of our dementia training and include advanced training where appropriate.
  • To promote dementia awareness and dementia friendly communities through all of our business activities as a care and support provider.
  • To support, publicise and promote local initiatives and events which contribute to the support of people with dementia
  • To collaborate with our trade associations on local dementia initiatives
  • To encourage our staff to become dementia friends
  • To work with the local community in Ellesmere, Shropshire to establish a support network within the Community Centre and Library for people with a diagnosis or concerned about their memory. 
  • The Community Centre & Library aims to be a hub within the local community and currently has resources with the Reading Well range at the Library for Books on Prescription which includes the Dementia range and people within the local area that we have spoken to feel a support network within Ellesmere would be of benefit to the area and to the centre.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

  • Raising awareness for staff working within the service to create a dementia-friendly environment. 
  • Costs related to training staff and developing resources. Involvement and commitment of volunteers to support the work for the local community.
  • Competing priorities for the limited available resources for training, especially staff time .

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2. Actions

  • Awareness sessions for staff and volunteers in Ellesmere Shropshire

    • We have been offered free training for Dementia Awareness by a local Dementia Awareness Trainer that has close links with the Community Centre & Library and shall plan this in for staff and volunteers.
    • Create opportunity for staff and volunteers to attend dementia awareness training.

    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member

  • Creating a support network within the town of Ellesmere Shropshire for people with Dementia or concerned about their memory and their families or carers

    With September being Alzheimer’s awareness month and the official public opening of the community centre this created the ideal opportunity to talk to people that would be interested in supporting this network or accessing this network for additional support.
    From gathering the information we hope to create a working group to move forward with plans for a Memory Café, an opportunity for people who are diagnosed with Dementia or are concerned about their memory to come together to share their experiences, to develop support networks and reduce isolation, this also extends to carers or families of the people. In addition to creating an opportunity for people to meet we hope to have opportunity for people to take part in activities and also have access to a professional that can signpost people to appropriate health support or benefit support etc. We do not intend this service to be a place for people to get a diagnosis but we hope to be able to provide information to help people find early health care support and appropriate routes for further support.
    To fund this project we will be looking for appropriate grant applications – where grants are awarded we would plan for Ellesmere Library to hold its own collection of reminiscence bags so the community have quick and easy access to these for loan as well as being able to use them as a resource within the ‘memory café’ and the day groups held at Our Space.
    Tesco Bags of Help have shortlisted this project and it is currently up for public vote at Tesco Ellesmere which would enable the project to have a successful launch planned for 29th January 2018.


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member

  • Dementia Awareness Training across Bethphage for anyone working with people with learning disabilities that have dementia or are at higher risk of dementia

    Where an individual we support has a diagnosis of dementia all Bethphage staff working with the individual will have an appropriate level of dementia training to be able to effectively support the person and have an understanding of how the person may be affected.The service manager responsible for the team will assess the appropriate level of training for the team and raise this with the training coordinator.In services where people are aging and have a higher risk of Dementia staff will attend awareness training to enable them to work proactively with the individual and external healthcare professionals if signs of Dementia become apparent

    We will develop our training resources to include online and hard copy resources which enable staff and others to develop their knowledge and expertise in supporting the needs of people with dementia. We will make these resources available through the staff area of our website.
    We will encourage staff to become dementia friends.
    We will publicise local dementia initiatives through our website and social media platforms and through our trade association memberships.


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member