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Band Hatton Button LLP

Band Hatton Button is one of the leading law firms in Coventry and Warwickshire, working regionally, nationally and beyond. We cover a wide range of legal issues for businesses and individuals and are always busy putting our imaginations to work. At Band Hatton Button, our purpose is to ‘deliver excellent legal services with a human touch’ and we are proud of our approach of treating people with respect and compassion whilst being empathetic to their individual needs and situations. We are passionate about building strong personal relationships with our clients and are always genuinely concerned for, and committed to, their best interests, and are conscious of the need for our advice to offer solutions and be not only technically accurate, but also practical and commercial. Our reputation is underpinned by our internationally recognised ISO Quality Standard accreditation, demonstrating thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency in the advice we provide and the way in which we carry out our work. We are conveniently based at the heart of the national motorway network with our own parking facilities, as well as being a short walking distance from Coventry Railway Station and within a few miles of Birmingham International Airport.

7 December 2017
West Midlands
Local Alliances:
Coventry and Warwickshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

All members of our Wills, Trusts and Probate Team have become Dementia Friends. 5 Lawyers in this Department are Full Accredited Members of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). This accreditation helps us reinforce the well-informed tailored advice we provide to clients. SFE promotes the importance of soft skills and these skills assist us with ensuring the vulnerable client feels supported and comfortable throughout the meeting.

One of our team members is looking at the possibility of becoming a Dementia Friends Champion. They will then be able to raise awareness of dementia with our colleagues in other departments.

If people raise awareness of dementia and understand the effects of the disease, people with dementia will have a sense of belonging to the community and will feel supported.

Dementia can affect individuals in many ways, some people may be more advanced than others. It is important to ensure every individual is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of whether they have early signs of dementia or advanced dementia.

We will hold an event during Dementia Awareness Week which will raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and we will encourage our contacts and colleagues to research dementia and raise awareness with their friends and family members.

There are many types of Alzheimer’s and we will continue to research the disease to further improve our knowledge and understanding. We will ensure we keep up to date with new research and technology which can assist people living with dementia.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Only one of the departments in Band Hatton Button LLP have attended the Dementia Friends Session. Therefore, it will be a challenge to ensure everyone attends a session, however we will encourage them to attend and we will explain the benefits of becoming a Dementia Friend.

Our Community as a whole is not aware of how dementia can affect the individual and some people think if you are living with dementia, you cannot carry out normal daily tasks. It is important to understand that people living with dementia still have feelings and can hear everything that is said to them. They should feel involved in conversations even though they may not understand everything you are discussing with them. People with dementia should not be ignored and it will be a challenge to make sure all colleagues understand how dementia can make someone feel. The person suffering can still feel upset and hurt and therefore, you must recognise early on at a meeting than the person is a vulnerable client and will require more patience and support than another client may require. It will be challenging to ensure all colleagues are aware of how to support someone with dementia but if they attend the Dementia Friends Session, they will be able to understand how they can provide support to the person.

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2. Actions

  • Dementia Awareness – Encourage people to understand what dementia is and how it affects people.

    We will encourage our colleagues to become Dementia Friends. We will look at the possibility of one of the Wills, Trusts and Probate Team members becoming a Dementia Friends Champion. The Champion could then hold sessions to raise awareness to local organisations.

    The consequences of ageing are moving to the forefront of people’s minds as the average lifespan improves and it is important to make our colleagues aware of this and expand their understanding of how they can support people who are living longer and facing different challenges.

    We will ask our colleagues to make sure they keep updated with new research and technologies to enable them to support clients who may be living with dementia.

    We will ask our colleagues to raise awareness of dementia by speaking with their friends and family members.

    We are in the process of preparing a Guide to supporting people living with dementia. This will raise awareness to our clients and colleagues and will hopefully assist them if one of their family members has been diagnosed with dementia.


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

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  • Dementia Awareness Week – We will look at the possibility of holding an event to raise awareness of dementia with our clients and contacts.

    We have previously been involved in supporting charitable events and will continue to ensure we look at the possibility of holding further events which will raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and will also develop our contacts and clients’ awareness of dementia.

    The events will develop our colleague’s understanding of dementia as they will see emails and flyers about the event which will raise the awareness of the Alzheimer’s Society and the work they undertake. They will also be able to discuss the event with family members and friends which will also raise awareness of dementia.


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member

  • Environmental Changes – We will look to see whether we can make any adjustments to our office to ensure we are dementia-friendly.

    We understand that small changes can have a huge impact and we will look at the possibility of making adjustments in our office to ensure that we are supporting clients living with dementia.

    It is important to make sure our reception is well lit and our signs are clearly visible. We will look at the possibility of reviewing our signs to make sure the client can clearly see the sign and that it’s a different colour to the wall it is mounted on.

    If possible, we will find a quiet place in our office for the clients living with dementia as they may feel anxious waiting in a reception area with other clients.

    We offer clients hot drinks when they come into our office, we will look at introducing bright coloured cups and saucers as white cups and saucers may be invisible to the client. We currently have plastic white cups with our water dispenser in reception. We will look at the possibility of having coloured cups so that if the client has a cup of water, the water is visible to them.


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member