We are a small, experienced, luxury care home group, offering individual, professional and expert support to people who require residential, nursing and dementia care. Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming “family feel”, enabling environment, which will help our residents to engage and socialise, whilst being supported with the highest quality compassionate and skilled care. We want our residents to continue to enjoy their desired life style by promoting choices, and by ongoing development of our training package to ensure our teams are skilled in enabling and supporting the whole person

17 November 2017

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

National dementia lead employed to drive improvements in culture and care. Building of dementia statements into a live dementia strategy with Company action plan to ensure we comply with people's rights by development of whole home whole person approach, starting with recruitment for attitude. (talent fishing days) ALL staff to have dementia training pathway as part of induction. job descriptions to be less prescriptive. all homes to have dementia leads. monthly skype for all leads to share practice/issues. residents join our revitalyz training, to assist with seated physical activity sessions and residents will be integral in designing activity programmes. All activity leads are members of ladder to the moon activity coaching. all dementia leads will be trained in mapping in Feb 2018. all homes have a bi annual full dementia audit, results analysed at local and Company level and action plan issued to the homes directly. Kings Fund audit completed for all sites, results analysed and achievable action plan in place. all homes have made contact with local alliance to do some shared working, eg memory cafes in the homes for community. there is a champion on each site to cascade dementia friends training and all staff irrespective of role will be a dementia friend by mid 2018. dementia dining model to be rolled out in 2018, to allow family style dining with involvement of residents in preparation, and resident and staff sharing the table to dine together. all prospective residents/families to complete and submit  life history and portable memory box ahead of move in, to enable staff to understand the person moving in, and provide an appropriate care friend to companion and support the person from admmission onwards. families to be part of the care triangle, to ensure they are fully involved in all aspects of living and care of their relative where chosen. A volunteer group to be grown in each home, to allow for greater companionship. (2018) 

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

development of whole home whole person approach requires understanding and "buy in" from all managers and staff, so culture change will take time.  main challenges are culture change as above, staff churn, backfill and time for training, logistics of getting people in one place where needed. Transfer of training into practice, and the coaching and skill required on site to do this effectively and consistently. Ongoing motivation and drive from senior team without losing the vision and ensuring that a stop check is done on a regular basis to see how we have progressed.

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2. Actions

  • whole home approach - time frame 18 months for all elements to be active

    change of recruitment process from single booked interviews with manager, to talent fishing days where all current candidates are invited and selection is based on measurement of communication, team involvement and empathetic skills. change of job descriptions to enable more merged team working rather than prescriptive where people will not move outside of roleall staff irrespective of role will have two day dementia training and VDT, with knowledge checking as part of induction. all staff, irrespective of role will spend time working in each department during induction to enable understanding of different departments.all staff will become dementia friends.residents and families will be invited to training and will be involved in activity and volunteer groupsall sites will be joint working with local dementia alliance, eg memory cafes on each site, or local alliance meetings.change of some care language, eg "resident" to "lives here"


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    recruitment process in final stages of inspection and due to be launched at Christmas conference in december.

    training is being implemented.

    job descriptions are being reviewed.

    all homes have made contact with local dementia alliance.

    dementia friends training is being delivered in 2 homes

    recent dementia audit results have been analysed and action plans are being reviewed to see stage of completion

  • life history project - ensuring that people are understood better

    to ensure that all people who have a dementia and are being invited to live in our homes have a completed life history where possible which is submitted along with a portable memory box ahead of admission to allow teams to plan appropriately in terms of social, emotional, pastimes, activity etc for each individual. 

    paper work requesting life history and memory box sent out with offer pack along with photo of memory box contents laid out as an example

    on receipt of items, team to have a meeting to discuss content of life history and box

    most appropriate care friend to be selected for the person ahead of move in

    magic minute to be developed based upon history and memory box to ensure individual is valued and respected by everyone

    thoughts around meaningful occupation to be discussed and evolved and facilitated by resident, family and care friend.

    effective care planning around social/activity/this is me work to be completed in detail. this will evolve.

    families and resident to be involved in every stage of process - nothing about me without me!

    for existing people, where no life history to invite families to a range of "history sessions", a social event where we can sit and discover life journeys to present time


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    paper work is going out ahead of move in.

    2 sites are actively engaged in life history project.

    other sites are aware and this is being commented

    length of time for this to become embedded in everyday practice - 12 months

  • dementia training

    all staff irrespective of role to have face to face dementia training as part of induction for new staff moving forward and for all existing staff

    relatives and residents to be invited to this training

    on  completion of classroom training, which looks at communication, common types of dementia, whole family care, person centred approach, dols and mca, all staff will undertake the virtual dementia tour

    there is knowledge checking at the end of the training package

    to enable the training to happen in a timely fashion and catch all staff, there will be trainers on each site

    the dementia leads and senior care teams will observe transfer into practice and well being will be measure by mapping

    all dementia leads will be mappers and dementia champions.

    all staff will receive dementia friends training on site


    2017 - Fourth Quarter Update

    training is ongoing across all sites, currently delivered by national dementia lead.

    train the trainer booked for january 18, to allow two trainers per site to cascade training

    dementia leads are having mapping training feb18

    dementia champions trained for 2 sites, and are waiting for training packs to commence dementia friends training

    dementia lead has updated licence to deliver VDT