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Amber Valley Borough Council

Amber Valley Borough Council is a second tier (District) Council in Derbyshire. It serves a resident population of 124,069 which is the largest district in Derbyshire. The Council delivers a wide range of public services that impact on the wider determinants of health including waste collection and environmental health, provision of public open space and recreational facilities, housing and planning. The Borough Council works closely in partnership with the County Council, other agencies and the voluntary sector to promote public health and to help address health inequalities. The health of people in Amber Valley is varied compared with the England average. Life expectancy is 9.9 years lower for men and 6.8 years lower for women in the most deprived areas than in the least deprived. The population of Amber Valley is expected to grow to 132,000 by 2028 but with significant growth in the older ages. This will bring challenges in terms of care and support for those older residents. The Council’s Corporate Plan (2017/20) priorities are: • A prosperous and healthy Amber Valley • A good quality local environment • Responsive value for Money services. Public Health England identifies the key local priorities for health as; • Mental Health and wellbeing, • Maintaining healthy weight and reducing physical inactivity, • Supporting older people

25 September 2017
East Midlands
Local Authorities, Local DAA Members
Local Alliances:
Amber Valley Dementia Friendly Community

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?


  • Reaching out and engaging with people with dementia and ensuring full inclusion in formal consultation processes particularly in the design, improvement or commissioning of services.
  • Adopting a strategic partnership approach, both internally between departments and externally by actively engaging with the local Amber Valley Dementia Action Alliance.
  • Supporting awareness raising and training frontline staff to become an exemplar organisation serving all sectors of the society including the most vulnerable.
  • Focusing on particular themes and services such as modifications to the reception areas to be more dementia friendly and by embedding dementia awareness in key services such as taxi licensing, leisure services and housing.
  • Provide public leadership and advocacy in the campaign to develop a Dementia Friendly Amber Valley. This will include on-line information, support, advice and signposting to other service providers via the Borough Council’s website

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

  • Capacity in an era of austerity and reducing central government support resulting in a retraction of some services and concentration on statutory delivery.
  • Growth in demand, particularly from vulnerable people.

We aim to deliver practical and achievable changes to our approach to service delivery and will make small steps that can have real impact.

Member website


2. Actions

  • Ensure that there is political support to help develop a Dementia Friendly Amber Valley

    • Appointing the Cabinet Member for Housing and Public Health as the lead Member Champion.  
    • Seeking Full Council approval to join and support the Amber Valley Dementia Action Alliance.
    • Offer Dementia awareness sessions to all Borough Councillors.
    • Encourage Town and Parish Council’s to attend awareness sessions
    • Provide annual updates to Cabinet.
    Being implemented
  • Improve our understanding of dementia

    • Arranging awareness sessions for all staff to attend to ensure greater understanding of how we can help.
    • Provide additional training and support for key customer facing staff to include the wardens, landscape services, town centre office and town hall reception.
    • Embed Dementia Awareness as a key component in the Disability awareness sessions undertaken by all Taxi drivers as part of the licencing conditions.
    • Encourage our key contracted services to engage with the AV DAA and to provide awareness sessions for their own staff. This includes Places for People (Leisure Centres), Veolia (Refuge), Futures Homescape (Homelessness and Housing Advice).
    • Encourage our key partners to engage with the AV DAA and to provide awareness sessions
    • Where possible Dementia Awareness sessions will be made available to the general public, particularly when delivered in community settings such as Leisure Centres.
  • Review our employment procedures and practices with the ambition of becoming a dementia-friendly employer to reflect the ageing profile of our workforce.

    • Ensuring policies are in place that will support the needs and rights of employees with dementia.
    • Training managers in Dementia Awareness and provide on-going support and information, including information about dementia on the Council’s intranet (DAVE)
    • Encouraging open dialogue to create an environment in which employees feel they can talk about dementia.
    • Support employees who are carers for someone with dementia.
    • Consult early and communicate openly with employees in the early stages of dementia to make adaptations to the work place to help them to stay in work longer.
  • Introduce new or re-design existing services to help encourage people with dementia to participate and engage with their local community.

    Current projects include:

    Leisure and culture:

    • Dementia inclusive Walking for Health programmes in partnership with DCC public health.
    • Dementia friendly swimming sessions in partnership with Places for People Leisure and the ASA.
    • Dementia friendly screenings (cinema) in partnership with Arts Derbyshire.
    • Review access to and use of public parks as part of the Green Flag assessments.


    • Embed dementia awareness in to the disability awareness sessions undertaken by all Taxi drivers as part of the licencing conditions.

    Town centres and shopping.

    • Create a dementia friendly high street in Alfreton in partnership with DCC and the Town Council.


    • Review the requirements for dementia friendly homes as part of the Disability Facility Grants process and DCCs transformation project.
    • Working towards full signature of the Dementia Friendly Housing Charter.