Boyne Care Home

Boyne Care Home is a 25 bedded private, family run care home which provides excellent 24/7 residential care and personal care for residents over the age of 65. The Home caters for those with a diagnosis of dementia and provides attentive person centred care to its residents. The Home offers a regular programme of varied activities including group activities, one to one physiotherapy, chair exercises, flower arranging, aroma therapy, floor activities and craft. Activities are planned in a person-centred way ensuring all residents are engaged in some activities throughout the week. Boyne Care Home offers a homely, warm, clean & friendly welcome to all residents and their visitors and many events are organised throughout the year to bring the community into the home. The Home is staffed by qualified care staff who provide meaningful and interactive care to maintain independence and to ensure the residents well-being at all times. Boyne Care Home has its own Dementia Champion aiming at ensuring Boyne Care Home is a dementia-friendly care home.

10 October 2017
Local Alliances:
Hillingdon Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Boyne Care Home is a residential care home with up to 25 elderly residents many of whom have varying stages of dementia. All care staff are trained in dementia awareness and diginity care, so that the staff has an understanding of the conditions throughout. Our full time activities co-ordinator is very involved in the day to day well-being of the residents and aims to enrich their lives with appropriate and stimulating activities and each of the activities are personalised accoring to the needs and capabilities of each resident. 

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Each person is assessed as an individual and we aim to provide activities and pasttimes to enrich their lives. Residents are given a choice whether they participate or not. As dementia progresses some residents can acquire aggressive behaviour. Boyne Care Home is equipped to maintain high standards of care and the safety not only of the residents with behavioural issues, but the other residents in our care, their visitors and our staff. Another challenge includes information-gathering which is very important to deliver personalised care. There are at times a reduced circle of support of family, friends or a next of kin to provide previous historical information which is pertinent in understanding the person we assist presently. 

2. Actions

  • Renovation utilising dementia specific design and colour scheme

    The Home will begin renovations in the communal areas to include a dementia friendly design; this will include a reminiscient wallpaper of traditional London landmark. The corridors will be painted and the skirting boards, handrails and door frames will be painted contrasting colours to ensure there is a differentiation and contrast to assist the residents to navigate safely and securely around the home. The home is also planning to begin renovations for a larger and separate dinning room. 

    Being implemented
  • 'My Life Story; books for each Service Use

    The Home has developed a 'My Life Story' book for each resident. This include the provision of information from the resident and their families/friends. The life book will include a breif life history which include meaningul information about memories, their lives and information which includes photographs. 

    Being implemented
  • Planning more Dementia Friend sessions

    The Home has received training from one of the directors who is a dementia champion. Ensure all staff attend Dementia Friends Information Sessions and encourage as many residents and their relatives as possible to attend a session held at Boyne Care Home. Plan to host sessions on a monthly basis.

    The Home is looking to involve the local community to provide information about dementia awareness. The Registered Care Manager will contact local business and offer in house Dementia training to them; which will enable the home to intergrate more with the wider community to further the general publics understanding in regards to dementia.  

  • House of Memories

    The Home has recently purchased a new iPad to be used for interaction as well as social stimulus activity for Service Users. They are now able to use technology such as email and Skype to contact family and loved ones. 

    My House of Memories app allows the Service users to explore objects from the past and share memories which they can do so in the form of a memory tree, timeline or memory box.  There are varies categories including childhood objects, movies, automobiles to groceries. Each category contains an array of photographs relevant to each category and the service user is able to select the object to find out more information as well as 'fun fact' about that particular object. Once completed the tree/timeline or the memory box can be printed as representation of each individual service users life. 

    Being implemented