Architectonicus, Dementia architects, dementia design. Specialist environments that positively empower people living with a dementia, and make caring easy for your team. Our unique 'mind in mind' approach to design for wellbeing and dementia care re-enforces sense of self, and maximises your ability to live in the moment. We can minimise staff requirements while maximising quality of care. Our designs produce long term savings at little or no extra short term cost. Through careful arrangement of spaces, rooms and sensory journeys, we can create friendly domestic environments that re-affirm person-hood, a sense of community that matches and supports your model of care.

28 June 2016
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1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Architectonicus will influence the national approach to Designing Well for Dementia Care by innovating the next generation Care Environment. We have been invited to present at National Dementia Congress every year since our formation as specialist dementia architects. This year we will be giving a live presentation on stage.Our lead design architect for dementia has won a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship that is allowing his to research the leading care environmtns and design for dementia across the globe. We will be giving presentations on his findings when he returns.

Through our “Mind in Mind” approach to Designing Well we will fast forward future innovation.

We will demonstrate with like minded care providers that genuine community integration of the “care environment” is possible. We support a wellbeing focused, activity driven approach to care centred on living in the moment. Research and experiance of many leading care providers is demonstrating that this leads to the best quality of life and less severe development of dementias - leading to lower care costs.

We endeavour to discuss ideas and thinking with care providers, researchers, carers, clinicians, people living with Dementia, their family and friends. This means we are able to develop environments that work hand in hand with providers’ care models, as well as exceed the expectations and aspirations of those in care, their carers, family and friends. We are utilising the latest scientific research across the world in Designing Well for Dementia Care.

The symptoms of dementia and associated symptoms of depression, institutionalisation, and other psychological distresses are greatly reduced and some, i.e. challenging behaviors, even eliminated when a great care model is combined with excellent architecture. We design to lift the spirit and improve the wellbeing of both the carers and cared for.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Meeting organisations passionate about care and transforming the lives of vulnerable people can be a challenge, as many organisations are too large to see outside of the status quo. However we are working now with a range of smaller private care providers, two of them already giving award winning care. These are highly aspirational businesses who seek to become the leaders in the care world, through combining their excellent care with superb environments which ease care giving and living well, while reducing costs. 

2. Actions

  • Research & diseminate the most highly regarded dementia care environments and approaches to care worldwide

    Our lead dementia design architect William McMorran has won a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship which allows him to visit the most highly regarded care environments around the globe. Meeting the teams that work at them and understanding the leading approaches to care, why and how they work.

    This exciting research fellowship is already informing our design for dementia and the level of advice and support we can offer clients.However we will be re-activating our blog and also blog directly onto our site, sharing the research with visitors.

    Further to this we will be offering presentations to organisations on completion of the Fellowship, pro-actively sharing findings.We will also be giving a live presentation at National Dementia Congress this year. So be there, turn up, or get in touch if you would like a presentation on our findings for your ogranisation. Or arrange to visit us. Or if you have any innovative means to share the outcomes of the WCMT travelling fellowship, please get in touch. 

    Being implemented
  • Develop an effective, affordable model for dementia care environments that transform care and life quality for people living with a dementia

    We are working with partners to transform our innovative approach to dementia care environment design into a flexible yet semi standardised model, that can be constructed rapidly and cost efficiently.We are also forming links with financing organisations so that clients will not have to stress over fundraising.We want to put together a package that can possitivley transform care in the UK and further afield. Proving that brilliant supportive environments can be affordable and also generate cost savings over the long term.

    Being implemented