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Eden memory Services

Eden Memory Services is based at the Beacon Unit, Penrith Hospital. We are a multi-disciplinary team that includes Mental Health Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Assistant Practitioner, Community Support Workers, Consultant Psychiatrists & Clinical Psychologist who work with older people in the Penrith & Eden area who are concerned about their memory. We:- • assess people for diagnosis of dementia & possible treatment. • work closely with local GPs, Adult Social Care and various local Third Sector organisations and other local assets. • support people in a range of settings the aim being to live well with dementia. • support Carers providing information, education and signposting.

1 August 2018
North West
Community organisations, Health
Local Alliances:
Cumbria Dementia Action Alliance, Penrith Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We're working with our local DAA on various actions which is really exciting and we feel that the DAA Launch was very successful.

Our team endeavors to provide all support in a person-centred way at all times. We have a set of guidelines to help us achieve this called #See the Person - all staff members study this during induction and we continually refer to it.

Working in a truly person-centred way helps us to work toward achieving all of the seven outcomes (listed in National Dementia Declaration).

We seek to clarify the choices available to people and help the person with dementia to understand the possible consequences of each choice. We also help the Carer to understand and to support people in making the choice and/or can refer a person for advocacy support.

We listen to the needs of service-users and Carers and try to pass on their suggestions and feedback. We invite people to complete a 'Friends & Family' questionnaire that can be anonymous and is sent 'freepost'. We work closely with partner organisations and individuals in our local communities to help to facilitate healthy and positive connections so that people can continue to enjoy their favored activities and/or develop new ones.

We're already working with several partner organisations to increase the choice of activities readily offered to people with dementia and their carers. I am particularly passionate about the importance of communities and I am trained in and practice from an asset-based community development perspective (ABCD), believing that we are 'stronger together'.

 We are respectful of people's relationships and the important role of Carers and wider family. We strive to always see, appreciate and value a person's strengths and positive attributes both explicitly and implicitly. We offer information about 'Join Dementia Research' and provide a joining leaflet to all individuals who are interested, to support those who wish to be involved in research.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Time available - to form and nurture connections takes time and the pressures on the NHS and most other organisations means that staff time becomes more and more pressured.

We know however, that we are here for the 'longhaul' and that the way of working described above and implied in the National Dementia Strategy are the right and the best way for individuals with dementia, Carers and for the people supporting them. To truly understand what a person wants and to support that person to achieve as many of their wants and needs helps that person to feel in control which consequently increases resilience and promotes independence. This makes for efficient use of resources in the long-term.

A challenge is that if guidelines and 'pathways' in the NHS designed to create efficiency are applied in isolation, without incorporating partnership/ integrated/ community working then we can our support to people with dementia nd their carers can be less useful. In my opinion, this can lead to less sustainable way of working that is essentially inefficient. When our managers support and encourage effective partnership working, much more can be acheived.

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2. Actions

  • We continue to work with our local partner organisations - Eden Carers; Alzheimer's Society; Age UK Carlisle & Eden; Penrith Leisure Centre etc. to increase the choice of activities available

    Our team provides support to people who have suspected or existing memory problems, dementia, or older age related functional mental health needs with specialist assessment, interventions and treatment. Assessments, formulation and interventions follow evidence based care pathways which promotes recovery and the development of the individual's physical, psychological, emotional and social functioning.  The service supports people who have suspected or established dementia and any age adult experiencing memory problems, dementia, age related depression and psychosis.  We also provide carer support.

    We also liaise with partner organisations to support and encourage people with dementia and their carers to access activities, giving choice to support autonomy and to promote independence.  For example, Penrith Leisure Centre's '65 and over' sessions and/or physiotherapy exercise class; Eden Carers' social groups and/or help to apply for benefits; Alzheimer's Society Singing for the Brain group.


    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    This action is progressing successfully.  We continue to work well in partnership with local support organisations so that people we support can also benefit from their high quality services.

    We already had strong links with various local organisations.  Our local DAA provides a valuable opportunity to work together with a wide range of local business and to stay informed about the actions they are taking to support people with dementia and carers well.


  • Continue to work pro-actively with our local Dementia Action Alliance group, attending meetings when possible and contributing positively to discussions and actions agreed.

    We will send in local contacts/local assets information for a database to be put together collectively via our DAA mapping local support opportunities. We will continue to be actively and enthusiastically involved to further the agreed aims of Penrith DAA.


    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    This is ongoing.  Eden Memory Services is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group and we meet regularly to further the aims and goals of the Alliance.

  • Proactively encourage people with dementia and carers (experts by experience) to be part of the decision-making process and to share their ideas/ likes/ dislikes re services, support received/needed, new groups and activities.

    Pro-actively encourage diverse membership at meetings so that people with dementia and carers can represent themselves whenever possible and, if not able, ensure that information, ideas and requests are collected and passed on by our team, as appropriate. Connect with the Alzheimer's Society person with dementia group (in Carlisle) and seek their feedback on our services provided and ideas for improvement.

    Being implemented

    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    We continue to seek feedback from people who use our services and to apply it appropriately to develop and improve the services we provide. We will contact the relevant staff member of our local Alzheimer's Society and hope to link with their monthly 'people with dementia group' within the next 3 months.
  • Memory Walk - Autumn 2018

    We would like to organise a Memory Walk in September or October 2018.  We will invite people with dementia and their carers/ family and hope to make it as inclusive and accessible as possible, to suit participant's levels of ability and fitness.  We will laise with other members of our local DAA.

    Being implemented

    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    Organising Memory Walk for Autumn 2018.