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iPads4Care Ltd. Intends to leverage the use of Touchscreen Technology (specifically Apple iPads) to assist the role of Professional Carers and Families in providing Best Practice Care for people living with Dementia.

7 May 2013
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Alliances:
Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1.      The National Dementia Declaration lists a number of outcomes that we are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

iPads4Care are developing a Person First App which is based around Life Story Work. It enables the recording of individuals Memories in Photos, Audio and Video. This oral history would be captured in the early stages of dementia so that it can then be used as the disease progresses acting as a reminiscence and stimulus tool. 

The App also helps with other aspects of behavioural intervention such as Digital Inclusion accessing subjects of past interests online and providing relatives and professional care staff with a user friendly e-learning device to increase their knowledge of caring for people with dementia, putting the person before the condition.

Using an iPad as a behavioural intervention tool would also aid with reduction in the inappropriate use of anti-psychotic drugs, especially when coupled with existing BI programmes.

iPads4Care will also provide Training Days for the Person First App along with general iPad demonstrations and activity sessions.

Overall iPads4Care aims to assist with Person Centred Caring by supporting Families, Residential Care providers, PCT Staff, Councils and Third Sector organisations that are facing The Dementia Challenge.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The challenge of implementing a new form of technology is acceptance of the Care sector to look ahead at how The Dementia Challenge will be tackled in 5 or 10 years from now – and how ICT will then be vital. 

Without this foresight and employing digital technology now, then any benefits will be limited in years to come. So the challenge is to invest The today so that the future generations living with dementia have effective solutions supplied by Carers using state of the art IT devices not paper and pen !

The challenge is not just one of attitude but also of budget restrictions and priorities faced by organisations dealing with caring for Dementia sufferers. iPads4Care needs to prove that investment in IT will directly improve quality of life and quality of care.

The Government could help overcome the financial hurdle by redirecting or increasing Funds/Subsidies to help Care Providers implement Digital Technology and Training in order to benefit both those living with Dementia and their Carers.

2. Actions

  • Free 'Person First' App

    iPads4Care Ltd. Intends to provide a Free Person First App available for anyone to download and use Free of Charge with a person living with Dementia still living in the Community. The App would be used by relatives and Professional Carers.

    The FOC App can be used at the onset of the dementia when the sufferer can provide input to Life Story and Memory content. This will then assist Professional Carers later on to treat The Person First in a more effective manner using their oral history.

  • Parternships

    • 2013 – iPads4Care to Partner UK Care Home providers, PCT’s, Councils and Third sector organisations

  • New App for Professionals

    • 2013 – Professional Care Person First App to be developed further using feedback from users

  • Increased Support

    • 2014 – iPads4Care to invest in scaling up its support of users by employing more Trainers / Presenters to increase the number of Dementia Carers using the Person First App

  • Expansion

    • 2014 – Continue to increase the number of people living with Dementia and their Carers with the opportunity to use touchscreen technology to increase Quality of Life and Quality of Care.