The Portchester Practice

General Practice Surgery with 9150 patients in a suburban setting

23 November 2016
Local Alliances:
Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

A GP is usually the first place a patient or relative will come, if they have concerns about dementia.  Our role is helping with diagnosis and investigation initially, with onward referral to specialist services if appropriate.  We manage risk factors, particularly for vascular dementia, and can signpost people to appropriate supportive services, as well as being a point of contact.  We perform annual reviews to help optimise care.


2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

General Practice is under significant pressure at the current time, with rising workload, an aging population, difficulties retaining & recruiting staff, and a fall in the share of the NHS budget, which makes it much more difficult to manage a wide range of chronic conditions, not just dementia.  We need to evolve new patterns of care and collaborative working with a range of colleagues to deliver these services.  This is probably the greatest challenge that general practice has faced since the beginning of the NHS, and only by changing can we survive.

2. Actions

  • Staff Training

    staff Training

    Being implemented
  • Dementia Care Plans

    Dementia Care Plan & annual review for all patients

    Being implemented
  • Dementia Friendly Environments

    Notices in waiting Room - Too many signs on walls - will need to be reduced & streamlined

    Being implemented