Truro Cathedral

11 July 2016
South West
Faith Groups

1. Action Plan

Truro Cathedral welcomes people of all faiths and none to our services. Our worship is mostly in a traditional style that can be deeply moving in our great building. Our musical resources complement that style and are mostly centred on classical music.

The Cathedral also holds a wide range of both religious and secular events including dementia friendly events.  We welcome all to attend. 

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2. Actions

  • Awareness Raising

    We will raise awareness of dementia by distributing the Dementia Friendly Truro booklet 'How to help people with memory loss'.

    We will continue to promote Dementia Friends awareness sessions amongst our staff and volunteers.

    Being implemented
  • Support Dementia Friendly Communities

    We will publicly declare our support for a dementia friendly society by displaying the Dementia Friendly Truro certificate of membership visibly.

    We will promote the Dementia Friendly Communities movement through Cathedral networks.

    We will continue to support, host and participate in Dementia Action Alliance events in the Cathedral.

    Being implemented
  • Review our policies, practices and facilities

    We will continue to review practices and policies which may affect a person with dementia.

    We will continue to review our facilities and if we can we will make things easier for people experiencing dementia.

    Being implemented
  • Provide support

    We will continue to support members of the Cathedral community affected by Dementia through the Pastoral Care Network.

    Being implemented