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Richden Park Residential Home

Richden Park is part of the Bondcare Group which provides social and nursing care nationally. Care categories include General and Dementia Nursing care, General and Dementia Residential Care, Intermediate Step down beds, Enablement beds (contracted by local authority, Day care services, Supported living for Service Users with Learning impairment and mental health issues, residential care for service users with learning impairments and mental health problems plus respite care across all categories. Richden Park provides general and dementia nursing and residential care and respite care. This is supported with respite and day care for the above categories. The environment has been developed to allowing resident with social needs to be supported but also when care needs change and nursing care is required our residents do not have to find an alternative provider and can continue to reside in an environment they are comfortable with. The environment is modern but also therapeutic and dementia friendly. Staff are trained to meet individual care needs and training is on going. We constantly strive to involve residents, families and the wider community in service provision and development.

18 April 2016
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Alliances:
North Lincolnshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Richden Park is involved in the Safe Place scheme.  This is a local initiative being promoted and working alongside the HERBERT protocol.  The safe place is a recognised building where the public can direct vulnerable or confused people in public to allow their safety to be maintained.  The HERBERT protocol is a document share with the local police which holds essential information on an individual if they were to wander off or go missing.


The home is working in partnership with a Social and Health led provider forum which focuses on people with Dementia and aims to support people living in their own homes, support people living in care and to intervene early to stop acute hospital admissions.


Internally staff are trained in dementia and attend dementia workshops.  This includes dementia night care, every day care and meaningful activities for residents with dementia.  Care plans have documents in place to educate staff of historical significant events in resident’s lives including a This is My Life document which we encourage family members to complete in order to give us as much information as possible.



2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

When providing and delivering care and interventions for residents in respite care the feedback from families has been very positive.


Families do express frustration in the lack of funding often available for long term care when service users are assessed as being able to live in their own home.  We support and encourage independent living but feel that choice is sometimes overlooked due to financial implications.


When dealing with challenging behaviors associated with dementia type illnesses out of hours support is not always available.  Some areas have on call 24 hour roaming support networks.  These include mental health professionals and emergency care practitioners.  This service is known to work well locally in the Hull.  Currently such challenges can result in referral to the police which is not appropriate but the only available option at times.

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2. Actions

  • Continuing to promote service provision and educate staff and the community around all aspects of dementia care

    Continue to be involved in local community initiatives and drive the service forward to support individuals who choose to remain living in the community and improve the lives of people with a dementia diagnosis.  We also strive to involve families and carers in care delivery and emotional support they often require


    2016 - First Quarter Update

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  • To provide evidence based nursing care to people at the end stages of life ensuring this is a peaceful, pain free, dignified and positive experience for the individual and their family

    Ongoing staff development and training supported directly by professional experts such as the McMillan nursing team.  Sharing experiences and case studies to learn and develop service provision.  In addition we continue to be involved in local initiatives led by the health & Social team.  Being at the forefront of change Richden Park continues to push for rapid but safe discharge planning and offer to provide a service for this to allow a peaceful dignified death.


    Delivery, Planning

    2016 - First Quarter Update

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  • Proactively registered on the above mentioned steering groups and engage and communicate with health & social commissioners. Evidence can be collated to support such cases.

    To maintain the drive in service and strategy development.  Communicate effectively and build on developing relations to instil confidence and demonstrate positive interventions and what this achieved.  Aims of achievements include reducing acute hospital admission, managing challenging behaviours with in the home environment by means of learning how to identify and respond to triggers.  Richden Park continues to offer a community service which can even include a simple “Drop in for a coffee, a chat or even a bath and hair cut”



    2016 - First Quarter Update

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