Manor Pharmacy (Hulme)

Retail Pharmacy

5 April 2016
North West
Local Alliances:
Manchester Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

Providing a dementia friendly customer service and environment, to encourage people living with dementia to visit our premises and feel comfortable here.

2. Actions

  • Support the Dementia Friendly Communities campaign in this area.

    Join the local Dementia Action Alliance and display the relevant logos publically, informing customers why this is important.

  • Make the environment more dementia friendly where possible

    Review the customer environment and make any immediate changes we can, making a note of others we can make at the next refurbishment.

  • Improve staff awareness

    Encourage all customer facing staff to complete the online Dementia Friends registration and attend local Dementia Friends and / or customer awareness sessions.

    To provide access to the booklet "How to help people with dementia - a guide for customer-facing staff".

  • Improve our understanding of dementia

    Our manager will arrange for all staff and volunteers to attend awareness sessions on dementia to ensure greater understanding of the condition and how we can help.