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Plymouth City Council Street Cleansing and Grounds Team

Plymouth City Council Street Cleansing and Grounds Department (SCG) is responsible for the cleansing of the streets, pavements, city centre areas, shopping areas and parks within Plymouth. Also, we are responsible for the upkeep of all green areas including parks and open spaces, grass cutting, hedge maintenance, allotment upkeep, all the trees and woodlands. We carry out project work to enhance the local area in parks and natural spaces. We have approximately 150 operational and office staff working across the two areas. SCG work out of two main depots and two sub-depots with the staff split across five areas-BOCA's (Britain's Ocean City Areas).

22 March 2016
Local Alliances:
Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Street Cleansing and Grounds (SCG) have over 150 staff, the majority of which are out amongst the public for 5 days a week. They are by and large on the same rounds each week and get to know the people in the areas that they work. These operatives are on the front line for the support that Plymouth City Council can provide to those with dementia.

The plan is that all 150 internal and external staff  attend a dementia awareness session and a review of the office and counter procedures for contact by phone are reviewed to take this into account. Currently, we deal with over 100 phone calls a week from this office. Nearly half of the phone calls are for allotment holders, many of whom are elderly and also those who use the allotments as part of their recovery from mental health issues. These factors are well known to us but adding an awareness of dementia will be a great benefit. Trees are another main issue for this department and how they affect members of the public particularly if they are living beside a tree they have concerns about. More knowledge on dementia may help us understand some of their concerns.

A review/survey is going to take place in two of our larger parks-Central Park and Devonport Park to see if the access, signs etc are dementia friendly and if not, to make changes to reflect this. The aim is to start with these two high profile parks and make them officially dementia friendly, if possible and then to roll this out across the city to make all the amenity areas dementia friendly.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

There is a general awareness of dementia amongst the staff team but no more than the general population. To increase the level of awareness amongst this large section of front line staff will involve time and commitment. There are always restrictions on budget but at this time, the awareness sessions are being delivered for no cost.

Changes in procedures will take time but this is worth the results. Costs will come when we are looking at improvements in our parks-signage etc and there may be a limit to what we can achieve.

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2. Actions

  • To provide awareness sessions for all staff (approximately 150) and for a member of the team to become a Dementia Champion (Lynn Neville, Assistant Manager)

    To work with Claire Puckey (Dementia Friendly City Co-ordinator, Plymouth City Council) to organise a series of awareness sessions with the operational and office staff.

    To book onto Champions training (this has been done)

    In addition, Lynn Neville has spoken to the Assistant Manager of the waste department in Plymouth City Council to see if the awareness can be rolled out across that staff team as well. In doing so, this would mean that 300 operational members of staff who see the public every day, would be more dementia aware.


    2016 - First Quarter Update

    New member

  • To carry out an audit of two parks maintained by Plymouth City Council, with aview to them becoming dementia friendly parks.

    To work with Claire Puckey (Dementia Friendly City Co-ordinator, Plymouth City Council) to audit two of the local parks (Central Park and Devonport Park) to see if there are any areas in which they can be subtly changed to become dementia friendly. To concentrate on signage and the entrances to parks to make them more appealing for those with dementia and providing them with areas that they can enjoy.

    Planning, Investigating

    2016 - First Quarter Update

    New member

  • To work with Plymouth City Council's Human Resources Department to provide a package for new members of stff with regards to dementia awareness

    To work with HR representatives to standardise starter packs to include details on dementia awareness and an induction to where the department fits into providing dementia friendly areas.


    2016 - First Quarter Update

    New member