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Northampton Borough Council

A successful vibrant town centre economy is an essential part of prompting growth and prosperity. Our focus is on regenerating the town and raising its national profile. Northampton is one of the UK’s most enterprising places and operating costs are low in relation to other parts of the country. The town is also making the UK’s fastest economic recovery. Northampton’s population has reached 216,700 making it one of the largest towns and the largest district in the country. A key priority in our Corporate Plan is our responsiveness to the needs of our citizens. Among the long term outcomes we want to achieve are the promotion of the health and well-being of the people of Northampton and to ensure we provide appropriate support to those most in need. Great customer service is at the heart of the Council’s corporate vision and values, as outlined in the Corporate Plan and the Customer Excellence Strategy. Customers and staff are at the heart of everything we do and Partnership working is an important part of our service in our One Stop Shop which now hosts a wide variety of drop in services to make the customer journey as smooth and easy as possible.

18 June 2018
East Midlands
Local Authorities
Local Alliances:
Northamptonshire Dementia Action Alliance , Northampton Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

NBC is committed being committed to meeting the needs of local people and recognises its role in providing accessible services for people living with dementia.  We have a vital role to play in making Northampton a Dementia Friendly Town. People with dementia want a community that enables them to find their way around and to be safe, they want to be able to access the local facilities they are used and to maintain their social networks so that they feel they belong.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The main challenges will be around communication.  Whilst we plan to contact all businesses through the BID, the respective retail centres and via individual visits, there will be some businesses or retail premises that we fail to engage with and identifying whether this is due to their not wishing to engage or our not engaging with them may be challenging. 

 Gaining and keeping momentum through a period of rapid change may also be challenging.  There are many corporate priorities and ensuring that this agenda remains high will mean embedding practices into the organisation and supporting staff and businesses to ensure that we implement the action plan.

2. Actions

  • Delivery of Dementia Friends Awareness for all customer facing staff

    NBC plans to deliver basic Dementia Friends awareness to its entire customer facing staff and to encourage them to register as Dementia Friends.  This will include customer contact staff, face to face operations, markets, environmental health, neighbourhood wardens, town centre, Call Care and licensing.  The training for customer contact centre and Call Care staff will be appropriately differentiated from training for face to face staff and can be delivered by volunteers or by watching an on-line video.

    Each team will nominate a champion who will receive more extensive training which will enable them to provide awareness training to others.

    Awareness training to be included in the induction plans for all new staff.

    We will provide information about dementia and dementia support on our website and intranet.

    We will add the Dementia Friends videos onto our intranet and onto our website and record how many times they are watched.

    We will inform our customers that we are working towards becoming dementia friendly and seek their feedback and comments.

    In November 6 employees attended Dementia Champion training.  We aim to provide informaton sessions throughout the Council during 2017.

    Being implemented

    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    On Going

    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    On Going

  • Engaging with town centre retailers to encourage them to become dementia friendly

    People living with dementia face a great many challenges going about their daily lives - shopping, socialising, using public transport.  Unfortunately, people's lack of understanding and patience can make these problems even worse.   Among our top priorities are the health and wellbeing of our local people and thus we need to make a difference where we can to ensure that people living with dementia can remain engaged and active in theier lives and commuinities for as long as possible.

    At Northampton Borough Council we will be working together with local businesses to enable this:

    Encouraging town centre retailers to become dementia friendly so that people living with dementia can access their local facilities as usual and where they are known (banks, shops, post offices etc) and so continue to be engaged within their communities.

    Awareness raising plays a crucial role in creating dementia friendly communities.  We will encourage all town centre retailers to become dementia friendly with the aim of getting employees from at least 20 town centre retailers committed to registering to become dementia friends within six months.   This involves key staff becoming more aware of what it is like to live with dementia by face to face information sessions or watching an online video.  Staff in town centre businesses will be trained to assist - this may be as basic as recognising that a customer may be living with dementia and being helpful and patient.

    January 2017 - engagement meeting with organisations around Northampton to discuss working towards Northampton becoming a Dementia Friendly Community.

    Being implemented

    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    On Going

  • The built environment is also of vital importance as many people with dementia find it difficult to negotiate public spaces and environments

    NBC will undertake to consider those living with dementia in all planning for new projects and in the renewal or re-design of current environments with particular emphasis on the following that we have control over:

    Adequate and legible signage

    Good lighting


    Design and placement of seating

    We will work in contjunction with Northamptonshire County Council's Highways division to ensure that future projects incorporate dementia friendly elements such as:

    Layout of road and streetscape

    Wider and pedestrian only pavements with clearly defined edges

    More drop off and pick up points outside public venues

    Adquate and legible signage

    Good lighting

    Provision of public toilets including those with enough room for people needing support

    More handrails at roads

    Green and natural spaces

    We will do this by asking people who live with dementia for their insight to ensure that their needs remain at the forefront of our thinking

    January 2017 - Organisations from around Northampton have been invited to meeting to discuss Northampton working towards Dementia Friendly Community.  This encludes companies involved in the development of Northampton town centre.


    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    On going

    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    On going