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Alzheimer's Society City & Hackney

Alzheimer’s Society City & Hackney provides services for people living with dementia and carers, including our Dementia Adviser service, Dementia café and Singing for the Brain™. We are partners in the LB Hackney funded “Carers Are The Bedrock” consortium and provide a Carers information and Support Service (CARSS) – offering Carers Needs Assessments to carers. At first point of contact, everyone is invited to engage with our Dementia Adviser service. This service is for people with a diagnosis of dementia (or are engaged in the diagnostic process) and their carers – offering information, advice, support and signposting. We are co-located in the East London Foundation Trust’s Mental Health Care of Older People office and work in partnership with the Diagnostic Memory Clinic and Dementia Care Teams. Additionally, Each GP Practice in Hackney has a named Dementia Adviser and referrals are allocated to a Dementia Adviser according to GP.

28 July 2016
Charity, Clinical Commissioning Group, Voluntary, Voluntary Sector
Local Alliances:
Hackney Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

National:  Alzheimer's Society has a vision of a better, fairer world for people with dementia.   We believe that people with dementia and the people who care for them have the right to high quality services and support, and we work to achieve this through a combination of campaigning, research, awareness raising, training, information provision and the delivery of our own services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Local:Alzheimer’s Society City & Hackney is a member of the City & Hackney Dementia Alliance.Working in partnership with the East London Foundation Trust and the Homerton University Hospital, our team strive to achieve the national Alzheimer’s Society’s vision by providing the following services.Dementia Adviser Service.Carers Assessment Review and Support ServiceDementia café (Hackney Coffee Club).Singing for the Brain.Carers Information and Support Programme (CrISP)Awareness and Information Service …  (offering Information, Advice and Support to people living with dementia, their carers / families, professionals and others affected by dementia) – including:-Duty Dementia AdviserDementia Awareness raising sessions (presented by a Dementia Adviser) in Health, Social Care and Community settings.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The London Borough of Hackney is an extremely diverse borough. Encompassed within its boundaries are (for example):-the largest population of orthodox Jewish people in Europe.a large population of Turkish, Kurdish and Greek speaking people.a widely dispersed mix of people from many other social, economic, and ethnic/cultural backgrounds.The challenge is to ensure that we meet the needs of all - including people with dmenetia and their carers from BME and harder to reach groups within the Hackney community

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2. Actions

  • Mapping available resources and creating a localised resources folder that ensures staff member are equipped with up-to-date, accurate and appropriate knowledge about potential sources for referral.

    We will:

    Update our current Signposing / Referral Resources document. Transfer the information from current Word documnet into an excel document that is broken down by categories. Identify appropriate folders and populate folders with information accordinly (as above)Distribute completed folders to Dementia Advisers for their reference when undertaking home visits.ensure all orgnaisations in folder are registered on Dementia Connect.Add new content weekly in Dementia Adviser meetings.review contact annually.

    Being implemented
  • To help increase local diagnosis rates by raising awareness of Alzheimer’s Society, its Dementia Alliance partner services in Hackney and the local Diagnostic Pathway.

    Undertake 52 'Dementia Awareness Raising' (DAR) activities in local Health, Social Care and Community venues in 2016/17.

    Examples of these activities include:

    1. Formal DAR talks by Dementia Advisers.

    2. Attendance at local meetings / steering groups etc to raise  issues affect local people living with dementia and their carers. 

    3 Other means of local contact that raises awareness of dementia in Hackney

    Of these 52 events, we will specifically aim to raise awareness in local Black, Asian and  Minority Ethnic (BAME), Faith and/or Harder-to-Reach Communities.We will do this by:

    i. setting an individual target for each Dementia Adviser to make contact with - and undertake a DAR activity in -  a local organisation that represents people frmo a local BAME, Faith and/or Harder to Reach community in 2016/17 (mimimum of 5 contacts per Dementia Adviser).

    ii. exploring opportunities for local funding to locate Alzheimer's Society / Dementia Alliance noticeboards in all GP Practices in Hackney.

    iii. If succesfull in locating these noticeboards,  display info patients and surgery staff about local support available from Hackney Dementia Alliance services.

    Being implemented
  • To facilitate 3 CrISPs in the on-coming year and then support the attendees of each CrISP to evolve into a self-facilitating Carer Support Group (with long-arm support from Alzheimer’s Society City & Hackney staff).

    1 - Deliver CrISPs as planned (and as targetted by London Borough of Hackney trougnour carer support (CARSS) contract).

    2 - Train at least one more CrISP facilitator.

    3 - enable each CrISP Cohort to plan how they wish to develop their own support activities.

    4 - develop a monitoring system of feedback from each self facilitated group - focussing upon them taking charge ./responsibility for organising a plan of group self-support.

    5 - organise and host an annual Carer Support Group / annual 'social' event - bringing all the self supporting carer SWupport groups together.

  • Alzheimer's Society City & Hackney - Dementia Champions / Dementia Friends sessions.

    We will endeavour to ensure that local statutory and associated providers are offered the opportunity to recieve a Dementia Friends info Session from 'Dementia Champions' directly associated with our local Alzheimer's Society office.

    We will do this by:

    1 - Training more 'Dementia Champions' to deliver dementia Friends Info sessions in Hackney to Stautory and associated providers (currently we have just one trained Dementia Champion.

     2 - developing a planned / strategic communciation approach with all Statutory providers in Hackney (to include related voluntary sector organisations funded through local statutory commissioning bodies). offering their staff teams Dementia Friends Info sessions. 

    3 - commuicating our DF activities with other Dementia Champions already trained and operating independently in Hackney (i.e. those not currently associated with the local Alzheimer's Society City and Hackney Office) to share knowledge of Dementia Friends Info Sessions activity taking place in Hackney.