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The Independent Living Advisor

The Independent Living Advisor CIC is a Social Enterprise based in Plymouth. It provides a range of services and support including: home visits to review and enable independence at home; workplace wellness providing promotion of positive lifestyle change and advice to those of working age; functional living assessments by a trained disability analyst; co-ordination of an individual's health and social care services to support them and their carer; acting as an advocate for the older person and long term condition management enabling those with illness to live healthy and well. It also has capacity to provide awareness sessions and training in a range of specialities including-Dementia, Falls and Fracture risk assessments, Smoking advice, Functional Living assessments, Psychological Support and Independent Living assessments. In partnership with it's sister company 'Telecare Plymouth', they assess and provide a comprehensive Telecare equipment service with expert support and information.

15 December 2016
Local Alliances:
Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

All staff will be dementia friends and trained to be dementia champions. All staff will be skilled in delivering Dementia information sessions beyond the realms of 'dementia awareness'.

Staff will network and welcome opportunity to engage with partnership organisations through signposting and referral in order to ensure that access to the services provided will be seamless. Staff will be open to new partnerships and will be respectful of the partnership company's knowledge and experience.

When integrating dementia awareness into our work within the community setting, when visiting people at home, all documentation and information related to The Independent Living Advisor CIC will be made available in a 'dementia friendly' manner. Staff will be available to answer any questions and offer further information if someone with dementia requires it.

The Independent Living Advisor CIC can offer dementia awareness sessions to businesses who have staff who wish to find out more about becoming dementia friends, or who want to know more about how to live well with dementia.

The Independent Living Advisor CIC are providing health promotion events, training and advice sessions. As part of these, we will be encouraging people to embrace lifestyle habits that improve their overall health.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Challenges to The Independent Living Advisor CIC include the company not yet 'having a voice' in the community. From experience, increasing awareness of credibility amongst authority and businesses has proven a challenge. As a relatively new business, the Independent Living Advisor CIC is able to work in partnership with businesses who offer mutual respect and deliver similar services-However, due to the size of the business this may prove to be a barrier.

Although having dementia as a specialism, the business is not known across the geographical area. Small staffing levels indicate that time available to promote the passion for working within the area of dementia and long term conditions can be limited. Therefore, public knowledge of The Independent Living Advisor CIC is low and needs to be increased.

2. Actions

  • Provision of a personalised plan for the person living with Dementia and their carer-identification of need with a plan for appropriate advice and equipment.

    The Independent Living Advisor CIC will undertake a whole person assessment to identify individual differences affecting an individual's quality of life and health care pathway.

    In the workplace, support will be offered to carers of people with dementia and dementia awareness sessions will be offered to employers of carers of those  with dementia. Through business to business networks, we can help to help increase awareness and help change any preconceived ideas regarding dementia.

    At home, a one to one assessment will be undertaken as part of the Independent Living Assessment. This will be personal and confidential in which people will be allowed time to talk about what their concerns are, whilst promoting positive health and supporting lifestyle choices. Through personalisation dementia risk will be identified and appropriate action taken-including advice, telecare equipment packages and signposting to supporting agencies or personnel.

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle to help prevent conditions associated with the risk of development of long term conditions, including that of Dementia.

    Through home visits and workplace wellbeing, The Independent Living Advisor CIC are providing health promotion events, training and advice sessions. As part of these, we encourage people to embrace lifestyle habits that improve their overall health. This will include exercise advice, nutritious diet advice and staying cognitively and socially active. The Independent Living Advisor CIC believe that it is never too late to make changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle and it is never too early to start.

  • To always integrate dementia awareness into our everyday work and strategic planning. To use the barriers as a challenge to succeed

    When visiting people and families at home, we will work with them to identify their needs and identify any changes within their health. We will work with them to signpost them to appropriate supportive dementia aware agencies in order to enable them to have their needs recognised to stay safe at home.

    We will be inclusive and provide dementia awareness sessions to their families and carers to enable them to maintain a quality and supportive relationship.

    Individual differences will be considered and each action will be documented. Any risk will be highlighted and acted on as appropriate.