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St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

The principal objective of the charity is to relieve sickness amongst people suffering from terminal illness through malignant disease or non-malignant life limiting illness (e.g. dementia, frailty, end stage heart disease etc). St Luke's values and aim is to give time to care with professionalism, respect, compassion and integrity through: 1. the management of end of life care through integrated services which offer support and care to manage complex symptoms and complex emotional/psychological/family/social issues. 2. An education service that supports the wider health and social care community to deliver: -Personalised End of Life Care through the Six Steps Plus programme -Basic and Advanced Communication Skills -Care of a person with Dementia at End of Life -Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberties -Clinical skills training -End of Life care and system control -Loss and Grief and Bereavement training -Mandatory training 3. Empowerment of the local community through various projects

14 August 2018
Local Alliances:
Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Three members of staff at St Luke's completed the Dementia Champion Training in November 2013. Since then, a further four members of staff have become Dementia Champions.

It is now part of mandatory training for all staff and patient-facing volunteers to complete the 1-Hour Dementia Friends session. Since January 2014 through mandatory training, 139 members of staff/volunteers have become 'Dementia Friends'

We provide a specialist Dementia Workshop as part of our Six Steps+ and the 'One chance to get it right' End of Life care education programmes for qualified nurses and carers in the Care Home community, acute hospital, Plymouth Community Healthcare, Dartmoor Prison and others. Since starting Six Steps, over 144 nurses and carers have completed the Dementia End of Life Care Workshop (55 professionals currently on the 'One chance to get it right' programme not included in final numbers).

We also now have a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a special interest in Dementia and End of Life care and complex symptom control and management.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

No immediate challenges-we will continue to provide the above training

We would be able to provide a more expansive service with the addition of a fully funded Dementia Nurse Specialist in End of life care post

2. Actions

  • Continue providing Dementia Friends sessions to all staff, patient-facing volunteers and Six Steps/'One chance to get it right' students

    4 cohorts per year for Six Steps+ Training

    Awaiting completion of One chance to get it right: this programme is a 'Train the trainer' approach and participants are expected to disseminate their new knowledge and skill to 10 peers. This will mean 550 new staff will receive instruction in Dementia and End of Life care management.

    Being implemented

    2015 - Fourth Quarter Update

    New member

  • We will look for funding to create a Dementia Nurse specialist End of Life Care Post.

    We will search for bids/monies to provide funding for a Dementia Nurse Specialist Role within the organisation.

  • We will work towards formally integrating the aims and objectives of the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance (these are currently included formally)into our strategy.

    Work with SLH Senior Management Team and our Board of Trustees to incorporate the aims of the alliance into the vision of St Luke's: 'A community where no person has to die alone or in distress.'

    A key part of this strategy is around working in partnership with other organisations and investing in community development.

    Being implemented