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NHS Health Trainers – East Riding of Yorkshire

NHS Health Trainers provide personal support, guidance and motivation to adults across the East Riding of Yorkshire who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Healthtrainers are friendly, understanding and supportive and will provide support and guidance with; Healthy eating, weight management, physical activity, cutting down on alcohol, sexual health, oral health, reducing stress and anxiety, isolation and loneliness, and Smoking Cessation. The service is FREE and confidential and is available to anybody over the age of 18 who lives within the East Riding of Yorkshire. The NHS healthtrainers are also commissioned to roll out the Stop Smoking Service across the East Riding of Yorkshire. If you want to stop smoking a healthtrainer will be able to help you work out exactly how to begin the QUIT process and provide FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to support making the quit a sustainable one. The Smoking Service is FREE and confidential and is available to anybody over the age of 12 who lives within the East Riding of Yorkshire. The healthtrainers are available Mon – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9 – 3pm at over 20 locations within the East Riding.

25 August 2015
Local Alliances:
East Riding Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

As part of our marketing strategy the NHS healthtrainer service hold events in partnership with many services and organisations and businesses across the East Riding of Yorkshire in order to provide & promote healthy lifestyle information and to signpost individuals to other services and organisations within the locality.

The service engages with the public not just in main towns but also within rural hard to reach areas throughout the region using the Public Health Vehicle which offers us a high visual presence when engaging with the public delivering health improvement strategies and promoting behaviour change with individuals aged 18+.  The NHS healthtrainer service is also commissioned to deliver NHS healthcheck’s across the East Riding of Yorkshire. As part of the healthcheck we promote and supply Dementia Awareness information to individuals that may be worried about how to manage or deal or cope with Dementia. The healthcheck contract focuses specifically on the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

The service works using behaviour change techniques such as Motivational Interviewing and goal setting using the SMART processes in order to reduce risk of ill health, with a focus that, early intervention is fundamental to avoid long-term health conditions. Healthtrainers are trained and have an awareness and understanding of weight management, safe alcohol consumption, smoking cessation guidance and NRT processes, the importance of physical activity and also provide support and guidance in relation to emotional wellbeing.

The service is also extremely active in the promotion of health related matters through social media and on the NHS healhtrainer and Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s website. We engage at local level with many national campaigns during the year. In relation to dementia we run events throughout Carers Week and Dementia awareness campaigns every year. The service has a visible presence with accessible premises in Bridlington, Goole, Withernsea Pavilion Leisure Centre, Beverley Community Hospital, Hornsea Cottage Hospital and Alfred Bean Hospital (Driffield). We also run clinics across East Riding within GP surgeries, which, gives us an even wider audience to promote Dementia Awareness, and healthy lifestyles to a diverse and rural population.

We work within the local community to encourage individuals to stay healthy. Through gaining a better understanding and awareness about dementia we will be better equipped to help individuals affected to continue living an active and fulfilling lifestyle. 

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The service looks to keep all staff training up to date with the latest dementia information in order for us to be able to provide the most accurate and current information and guidance to members of the public through our service. We hope that by working alongside the Dementia Action Alliance, we will invite a representative to deliver dementia awareness sessions to all of our staff at regular intervervals. We believe this training will enhance the knowledge staff already posses, as well as adding and updating staff on dementia awareness as local and national level information and initiatives become available.

We need to ensure that after receiving dementia awareness sessions staff then incorporate their new knowledge into their day to day interactions with members of the public. Stigma associated with dementia may hinder the public in coming forwards and using our services – we need to raise awareness of dementia and that dementia can be discussed openly.


2. Actions

  • Increase our Dementia Awareness and to promote awareness of the condition to all clients that we come into contact with whether at 1-1 consultations, through the NHS healthcheck and at events throughout the East Riding.

    We will increase our dementia awareness in a number of ways:

    • We will encourage our staff to attend Dementia Friends information sessions – we will invite someone to present a Dementia Friends information session at our team meeting.
    • We will incorporate dementia awareness into our staff induction for all new staff.
    • We will look at the SCIE dementia e-learning modules
    • We will use the resources available on the Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society Website
    • We are already attending Dementia Café events and intend to continue this into 2016 and beyond.
    • Continue to promote through the NHS healthcheck.


    Planning, Case study, Delivery
  • Dementia Champion

    We will appoint our Senior Health Trainer in Bridlington as a Dementia Champion to be the go-to person in our organisation for dementia. The Dementia Champion will be responsible for implementing and updating our action plan.

    It is our intention to have a Dementia Champion at each of our sites that can co-ordinate activities consistently across the East Riding of Yorkshire to reach the wider community.

    Planning, Delivery, Case study
  • Increase Dementia Awareness to others

    We will increase awareness of dementia to other organisations and individuals in a number of ways:

    • We will stock Alzheimer’s Society information leaflets in our premises for the general public to take.
    • We will invite the Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society to our events, such as the Change4Life Public Health Vehicle and Health Trainers open days, client reunions and promotional events across the region throughout the year.
    • We will promote the work of the Dementia Action Allianc.
    • We will add links to the Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society websites to the ‘Useful Links’ section of our website.
    • We will also promote Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society activities and information through our social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook on a weekly basis.
    Planning, Delivery, Case study