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Moorgate Hollow

Park Lane Healthcare is a refreshing modern family run company, with old fashioned ideas and values in supporting and caring for the elderly. We believe that everyone deserves the very best that life has to offer especially in their later years. We provide only the very best in luxury accommodation, combined with that all – essential comfort and ambiance. We want you to feel at home and so our aim is to provide warmth, safety, quality of life, independence, dignity, choice and fulfilment, quietly and discreetly ensuring our residents are looked after in every way to allow them to forge new friendships , gain new experiences and make new memories. We have six bespoke care homes in the Lancashire, Yorkshire and Humberside regions all occupying beautiful grounds. Our team are committed, experienced, approachable and caring staff selected to offer the best possible level of service. Moorgate Hollow is one of our estabilishments sited in Rotherham

31 August 2015
Local Alliances:
Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We deliver a genuine safe, sound and supportive environment within all our care homes which offer a respectful and engaging environment for our residents to flourish and live as best as they can within the parameters of any challenges they may face.

We support family members and friends with adaptive issues and ensure that the person we are responsible for, leads their own care.

We offer continuous professional development and support for all our staff to ensure that their knowledge and skills is refreshed and up to date with cutting edge dementia care best practice.

We also are proud of our environment as we ensure that each home is dementia friendly and that we have a wide array of nutritionally sound menu options.

We offer a full and robust leisure/hobby and general activity schedule for all people wishing to participate whilst helping those less able to participate, to engage as they wish.

In summary we ensure that all persons for whom we are responsible are offered a full and robust support package which is underpinned by our philosophy of person centered care.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

  • Lack of understanding within communities and families who have not fully understood the condition and therefore management of expectations of the condition can prove a challenge at times.
  • Constant downward driving of bed rates/prices which apply relentless and often unnecessary pressure for efficiency.

2. Actions

  • Perusing excellence in dementia care

    All staff employed within the company will have a minimum of dementia awareness as part of their induction  and in receipt of a dementia awareness fact sheet (whether working in the kitchen, cleaning or transport through to healthcare assistants etc) 

    All Healthcare staff will be offered regular individual and group supervision which will include reflective practice around dementia and care-planning/intervention. 

    All staff will work closely with the care home support teams, social service and other supportive partner organisations in order to deliver the best possible care for each resident. 

    Each resident will be central to their care planning process thereby facilitating the person centred approach. 

    Every family member or friend of the resident will be included and supported in relation to the care planning process and progress within the home.  

    We have nominated dementia champions in each home and nominated dignity champions whom cascade extra learning and knowledge to staff teams in order to offer the best and most up to date support network for staff, residents and families.


  • Providing the best possible environment for residents

    We have a continual rolling program of maintenance and quality measure in place to ensure that we offer, warm, clean, aesthetically appealing environments for residents.                                                         We have incorporated dementia friendly signage within each home.                                                                                                                       We commenced a program of evolving discreet and fascinating areas of interest within the home, such as themed (seaside, library...)areas to offer positive distractions for people experiencing agitation.                                                                                                            We have considered all modes of communication with respect to dining areas ensuring that all the senses are stimulated (smell, taste, vision...).                                                                                                            We have extra wide corridors that offer plenty of space for movement around the home with support from staff/wheelchairs as required  - this includes thoughtfully positioned handrails. 

    We are in the process of ensuring that each of the facilities (toilets etc) are not just clearly signposted with dementia friendly signs, but also coloured in a dementia friendly way.   

    We have wonderful manicured  outside spaces which are thoughtfully designed and safely accessible.  

  • Living well, aging better


    As a group/organisation each member of staff understands the importance of recognising  that each person is an individual with individual needs therefore bespoke care packages are required to assist in optimising people care needs.  

    As part of the process, we understand that a robust activity program is paramount in order to deliver excellence. 

    Each service has a full and wide ranging leisure/activity program. 

    Each service has clear aims and objectives for each activity which support the individual in achieving their personal goals. 

    The teams aim to ensure that each person feels socially included in all aspects of the home and the activities we offer. 

    End of life:

    As an organisation we recognise that the send off is as important as the welcome.We have very close links to the district nursing team, staff fully optimise the persons end-of-life pathway and retain the person within the home as far as possible.  

    We support the family members and friends of the resident and support in every way possible to ensure that the process is as dignified as achievable. 

    We are currently trialling an end-of-life care pathway in one home within the group whereupon we are offering IV antibiotics (under supervision from the district nursing team, AMPs & GPs) which may then mean that a complex end-of-life process can be continued within the care home setting.

    Gain knowledge about the concept of the NAMASTE care programme NAMASTE care is based on the power of the loving touch. Enquire about the training that is available through RMBC



  • Staff Training and Dementia Friends

    Improve our understanding of Dementia

    Judge each staff group and assess training requirements – access training though RMBC Bronze to Platinum dementia training

     Ensure that Dementia Awareness training is a mandatory requirement of all staffs training requirements at a suitable level appropriate for the role of each employee.

    Ensure that the principles of behaviour as a means of communication are acknowledged and understood by all

     Ensure all staff sign up as dementia friends and encourage them to cascade their knowledge into the surrounding community and their own net works

    Have a dementia Friends champion to cascade and sustain the dementia friend commitment 

  • Provision of information to relatives

    Provision of information for relatives and friends to help them understand and cope

    Use of AZ society web site and information                                                    Advertise and host dementia awareness sessions aimed at relatives and friends  

  • Developing links to the community

    Develop links within the community – faith groups churches, schools,Guides, Brownie and Scouts and Cubs ,any other suitable community group .

    To improve community knowledge and to enhance the lives of the service users    

  • Promotion of Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance

    Promote the concept of Dementia Action   Alliance into the community and to all /any suitable businesses

    that the care home and that staff team are   involved with

    Regularly visit the Dementia action Alliance   website

    Looking for information and good practice

    Use the website to share good practice