Dorset County Council

Develops, plans and delivers public services for children, adults and the environment for the county of Dorset (excluding Bournemouth and Poole).

7 July 2016
South West
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Local Alliances:
Christchurch Dementia Action Alliance, Wimborne Dementia Friendly Community, Blandford Dementia Action Alliance, Corfe Mullen Dementia Action Alliance, Sherborne & District Dementia Action Alliance, Swanage Area Dementia Friendly Community, Verwood and Three Legged Cross Dementia Friendly Community, Dorchester Dementia Action Alliance, Dorset Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Dorset County Council has a key role to play in the lives of people with dementia:

  • In providing accessible universal services to improve quality of life for all residents, including people with dementia
  • In their place-shaping role to develop dementia friendly communities, with partners helping to provide local leadership for organisations to create a dementia-friendly environment, and supported housing and community facilities which are supportive of the needs of people with dementia and their family carers
  • Pursuing ring fenced public health budgets to promote messages and services which inform the public about dementia and how to reduce their risk of developing dementia
  • In commissioning and shaping a personalised social care and support market which involves and enables people with dementia to live at home as independently as possible for as long as possible
  • Having a commitment to involve people with dementia and their carers in developing services for people

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

  • Achieving local targets on the uptake of direct payments / personalised budgets.
  • Need to maintain and improve joint working arrangements with NHS partners for commissioning and delivery, at a time when these partners and ourselves are undergoing significant structural change.
  • Commission appropriate services currently needed, and in the future as a result of increasing earlier diagnosis of dementia.

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2. Actions

  • Lead partner in the Dorset Dementia Partnership

    Lead partner in the Dorset Dementia Partnership together with Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, Bournemouth Borough Council, Borough of Poole, and a wide range of statutory charitable, voluntary and community organisations and individuals such as carers. 

    Active projects monitored as part of the local response to the National Dementia Strategy, via the Dorset Local Delivery Plan, covering commissioning and funding new services, staff training, improving diagnosis and information, support for carers, raising dementia awareness and improving inclusion, especially through the spread of dementia-aware communities and dementia-friendly environments, use of drug treatment and new technologies, dignity, care, respite issues and end of life issues, hospital, residential and own home care.

    The projects highlighted in the following actions are examples of this work.

  • Support the Dementia-friendly Communities initiative

    Pilot 18 month project in six towns arising out of funding from PM’s Challenge ended in September 2014. Now forms value-added part of Dorset’s contract with Alzheimer’s Society to deliver the pan-Dorset Memory Support & Advice Service, under a new Memory Gateway model, with Dementia Action Alliance Coordinators delivering support across the county.

  • Improve the Skills of the Dementia Care Workforce

    A new dementia care training programme has been developed and is going out to tender. It aims to improve the skills of the dementia care workforce by developing and delivering high quality education programmes to staff across a range of dementia care settings and through the use of an approved trainer scheme.

    Being implemented
  • Individual initiatives – eg ‘Safely Home’ and ‘Home from Home’ schemes

    Safely Home - a low-tech ID bracelet scheme to ensure people with dementia who may wander can be safely returned to a carer/home by ringing one of the three Dorset care call centres, without unnecessarily involving the police which can cause more distress.

    Home from Home – short break respite care of up to half a day for people with dementia in an approved host’s home, providing social interaction and entertainment 

    Being implemented
  • Dementia-friendly Dorset web information

    Dementia web information, both specific to Dorset and with links to general information, extended and updated, now on A hard copy version of Dorset’s ‘Living Well with Dementia’ directory, a guide to dementia services and help in Dorset, is also available.

    Being implemented, Delivery
  • Dorset Memory Support & Advice Service

    A pan-Dorset service, live from September 2014, contracted to the Alzheimer’s Society. Trialed in Bridport and elsewhere, it seeks to co-ordinate and streamline all memory support and advice services available through one initial gateway, via GPs.

  • Dementia Awareness & Training in Care Homes

    A jointly-funded (County Council and CCG) post was appointed in 2014 to increase and improve dementia awareness and training in Dorset’s care homes.

  • Dementia Respite Care

    Spot contracting for dementia respite care. Previous attempt to set up specific respite care contracts floundered through lack of care home interest, but this is still something we would like to improve.

  • Dementia Acute Care Pathway

    A development and overhaul of the acute dementia care pathway, nearly complete.

  • Ensuring Dorset County Council is a dementia-friendly organisation

    As part of the County Councils’ lead role in the county and our commitment to the dementia-friendly communities initiative, our organisation is working towards:

    1. Ensuring the support of senior members of staff via briefings to local councillors, County Leadership Team, Senior Managers’ Group and the 150 Group (Heads of Service and their reportees). We are also encouraging other local authorities in Dorset who have not yet done so to commit to a dementia-friendly approach through the Dorset Chief Executives Group.
    2. Analysing the key issues to address to enable us to become dementia- friendly in ways that are important to people with the condition and carers.
    3. Involving people with dementia and their carers in understanding what ‘dementia friendly’ means and in the self-assessment process.
    4. Identifying ways to raise dementia awareness and understanding amongst appropriate staff. We are ensuring all staff have the opportunity to attend a Dementia Friends session, and are supported to become Dementia Champions if they wish. We will also be ensuring our Human Resources policies are dementia-friendly for staff, as both carers and should they develop the disease.
    5. Providing information on dementia and available services and support (see action 5 above).