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Met Office

Met Office is the UK’s National Weather Service. As a world leader in providing weather and climate services, we employ more than 1,700 at 60 locations throughout the world. We are a Trading Fund within the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, operating on a commercial basis under set targets. We are recognised as one of the world's most accurate forecasters, using more than 10 million weather observations a day, an advanced atmospheric model and a high performance supercomputer to create 3,000 tailored forecasts and briefings a day. These are delivered to a huge range of customers from the Government, to businesses, the general public, armed forces, and other organisations. We will continue to use our expertise to further understanding of climate change, as well as offering advice on how to mitigate the risks and adapt to its consequences. How can your organisation help to support people with dementia and families/carers? Met Office has piloted a new model for the Dementia Carer Friendly workplace. Recognising that more adults are caring for elderly than children, we realised that line managers or colleagues may not know that the carer of a person with dementia exists within their team. We want to provide support and understanding to help dementia carers to have a better carer/work/life balance. This simple model focuses on the carers and could benefit other organisations or businesses. 1. We supported a staff member to become a Dementia Friends Champion. Increasing awareness and understanding of dementia through Dementia Friends sessions has been successful and is ongoing. 2. We have created a Dementia Carer Friendly Network group for previous or current carers. We meet monthly, membership having grown steadily in 10 months, to provide support and information. 3. We have introduced Carer Buddies who can meet up for a one to one chat when needed. We have introduced drop in sessions open to all staff. 4. Our Twiki web page has information, updates and signposting on our intranet. We would like to encourage other organisations to try our model for a dementia carer friendly workplace - the benefit to those who engage and to the organisation are huge.

8 October 2015
Communication, Recreation, Retail, Utility, Research Sector, Transport Sector
Local Alliances:
Exeter Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA)

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Action 1:   

 Title:  Staff awareness and understanding of dementia

Description:      Met Office continues to increase awareness and understanding of dementia amongst its staff.

Action 2:     

Title: Dementia Carer Network group

Description:  Our Dementia Carer Network grows and evolves to meet the needs of staff, helping them to have a good work/carer/life balance, stay healthy and be productive.   

Feedback from staff both inside and outside the Dementia Carer Network has been very positive.  They are proud to belong to an organisation which places value on this important support for dementia carers. The carers do not feel alone and are becoming gradually more self-supporting.

We did not previously fully appreciate the number of people affected or the many ways they are trying to cope below the surface of what you see.

Action 3:     

Title: Met Office Case Study

Description:   The Met Office pilot model of a Dementia Carer Friendly workplace can be used as a case study. We hope this will encourage others to adapt this model to suit their organisation.


2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

1.    What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes for your organisation?

Arranging Dementia Friends or Dementia Carer Network Group sessions at times which suit all the people who wish to attend. To address this the approach has been to deliver regular (monthly) Dementia Friends sessions and to target teams as well as having general sessions. There has been a steady increase in awareness and understanding of dementia at Met Office. The Dementia Carer Network group is steadily growing. We have also communicated via email or Carer Buddies outside of the Dementia Carer Network group meetings.

Involving outstation staff. To overcome this we have used video conference and are arranging outstation sessions where possible.

Many staff feel uncomfortable in group situations, so we introduced drop-in sessions to provide more information/awareness and support on an informal one to one basis.

Member website


2. Actions