Keech Hospice Care

Keech Hospice Care was established in 1991 and provides specialist palliative care to Adults and Children. Our purpose is to care for our patients and to support their families and friends. We aim to give the most appropriate and efficient treatment and care to our patients; to assist in the relief of their physical and emotional suffering and to help them lead an acceptable, purposeful and fulfilling life in their home or in the hospice. Keech Hospice Care is a partner organisation in the Luton Dementia Co-production Project, funding by NHS England and recognises, within our organisational strategy, the importance that everyone needs to play in supporting people living with dementia and their families, and are keen to play our part by becoming a dementia friendly organisation.

23 May 2018
East of England
Local Alliances:
Luton Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Keech Hospice Care works with patients and their carers/ families, some of which will have dementia co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder. As an organisation we therefore aim to provide our services with the ability to achieve the seven outcomes identified for people living with dementia and their carers.

Keech Hospice Care have already demonstrated our commitment to this agenda as we are a partner organisation on the Luton Dementia Co-production Project , with key representation on the Project Board as well as being working collaboratively with partners as part of the Dementia Strategy Development Group for Luton. In additon Keech have been completing PLACE (Patient-led assessments of the care environment) surveys annually since 2015. This includes a dementia environment checklist.

We work clinically with dementia specialist nurses to support end of life care, and provice access through the palliative care advice line for all patients requiring palliative care advice and support, as well as their health care professionals.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

As a Hospice, traditionally (some years ago now) the primary diagnosis for adult patients admitted to Keech would have been cancer. However, more recently we have been working with patients who have long-term conditions. Patients with dementia, either as a diagnosis, or as a comorbidity within this setting can create some complex challenges, including; organisational culture change, training and education needs, adjustment to facilities to become a dementia friendly organisation, and equipment requirements.

As a charity the additional costs to overcome these will put additional pressure on what is already financially challenging times.

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2. Actions

  • Complete an assessment of Keech Hospice buildings, using the environmental checklist

    Keech Hospice has performed a full assessment of the physical environment, using the ‘Dementia Friendly Physical Environments Checklist’. Areas for improvement have been identified and fed into SMT (Senior Management Team). Where improvements can easily be made, with no additional cost (or small cost) to the Hospice these are being addressed in the immediate future. Other areas for improvements are being fed into the buildings maintenance and improvement programme and addressed when overall improvements are made.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    New Dementia friendly toilet signage has been purchased and installed across public and patient areas within Keech Hospice.

    On-going committment has been given by the hospice to implementing change, where appropriate, engaging with the national agenda, through release of key staff to attend national conferences, such as Dementia 2020 and the LTC conference.

  • Keech Hospice will continue to ensure all staff and volunteers are offered the training and opportunity to become dementia friends

    All employed staff and volunteers will be offered the opportunity to attend a dementia awareness session and become a Dementia Friend. This will include; retail staff working in the Keech Hospice Charity Shops, as staff within these workplaces may also come into contact with people living with dementia and their carers / families. This will be offered through department training sessions / meetings; on-line sessions and bi-annual staff forums.

    This will include all of the Senior Leadership Team and Trustees to enable the cultural change in thinking across the organisation.


    2018 - First Quarter Update

    Three members of staff have been trained as Dementia Friends Champions, who have delivered training to: all Keech retail managers and assistant managers; Trustees; Senior Leadership Team (SLT); and reception staff. In 2016/17 Keech Hospice was the charity partner for London Luton Airport (LLA), our champions delivered sessions to all of the fire service personell at LLA. From 2017 Keech Hospice have been delivering 2 session per year open to all staff and volunteers. As at May 2018, around 150 staff and volunteers have become dementia frie nds and we pleased to confirm this includes all members of our Senior Leadership Team. 

    Discussions continue to take place with the Training Department to include Dementia Friends within Induction Training for all staff and volunteers.