Age UK Lewisham and Southwark

AUKLS is a local trusted charity with over 30 years of experience in delivering quality services to older people. Our current activities include: 1. Day Care, for mentally and physically vulnerable older people 2. Healthy Living Initiatives, providing open access activities and social opportunities to re-able and empower 3. Independent Living Services including Help at Home, Happy Feet, Handy Persons and Safe and Independent Living, enabling older people to remain safe and independent at home. 4. Information and Advice, maximising incomes, providing advise on housing, debt, continuity of care and consumer issues 5. Outreach, to regain confidence and rebuild social networks to reintegrate into the community.

16 March 2015
Voluntary Sector
Local Alliances:
Lewisham Dementia Action Alliance, Southwark Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Our organisation provides person centred support and service to people aged over 50 years old.

  • Our staff and volunteers are encouraged to follow and update knowledge by taking part in to Dementia trainings.
  • In our facilities, we are currently developing with members and their relatives/friends a One Page Profile that will help us to get to know them better (good/bad days, wishes, network of support, etc.) and to understand how best we can support them during their presence at the day centre.
  • Our Information and Advice service is able to check if people are receiving the right entitlements to meet their needs and maximise their income.
  • We have 3 Dementia Friends Champions who deliver Dementia Awareness sessions to our staff, volunteers and to the general public.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

We currently count on three Dementia Champions in our teams across the two boroughs of Southwark and Lewisham which can be a limit to the amount of time dedicated to the delivery of Dementia Friends information sessions; however we offer those sessions as well on demand.

Our resources are limited to offer the right support and one to one support to people living with advanced dementia. We work closely with families/carers and other organisations to ensure that our services are appropriate for the person and that the person can benefit from other relevant services within the organisation as well as from those run by other local organisations. 

2. Actions

  • Provide an opportunity for all to get a better understanding of what Dementia is and how we can better support people living with Dementia and/or their carers

    We will be promoting within our organisation, to all staff and volunteers, available training opportunities related to Dementia.

    We will also open information sessions to the general public sessions, giving them the opportunity to become Dementia Friends. Those sessions will take place away from our own premises allowing us to deliver closer to where people who want to access the information are.

    We will work in partnership with the voluntary and statutory sector to offer to carers/families the opportunity to access workshops that will improve their understanding and inform them on the range of services and support available for the person they are caring for as well as for themselves.

  • Person Centred Approach and Action Planning

    Our Team of Wellbeing Planners will be supporting individuals living with Dementia and individuals who don’t have the condition in writing their own Person Centred Plan. The plan will contain information that the person chooses to share on her/his wishes, dreams, routines, good/bad days, existing network of support.

    This information, as part of a preventative work and exercise for people to plan their future at an older age, will aim to be used by carers, relatives and also support workers.

    If this work is done at an early stage, the plan will be an invaluable resource for all the people involved in the care and support provided to the person and to ensure that the individual’s wishes are respected.

    The plan can be reviewed by the person or with him/her at any stage.

    Our team of SAIL Champion volunteers and Day Centre volunteers match volunteers to individuals.  Working one-to-one with the individual, the volunteer will support the person to write, review, and realise their person centred action plan. At the day centre, it can be offering support through an artistic activity and, outside it can be bringing support to join a club, having a chat, etc.

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  • Partnerships with Dementia organisations to offer access to more activities/services

    We will liaise effectively with organisations supporting older people in order to share information, promote relevant services, and to inform directly older people we support about existing events, classes, meetings etc. that will raise awareness about dementia and/or improve people’s physical and mental well-being.

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