Rykneld Homes Limited

Rykneld Homes is responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of over 8,100 properties and the neighbourhoods in which they are located on behalf of North East Derbyshire District Council. The company was set up in April 2007 as a non-profit making company. The Company is managed by a Board of Directors who are supported by the Senior Management Team. The Senior Management Team develop and implement policies and procedures, manage staff and deliver services. Rykneld Homes is committed to providing first class housing services to all customers.

24 September 2015
East Midlands
Housing Sector, Local Authorities
Local Alliances:
Chesterfield Dementia Action Alliance, Derbyshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Rykneld Homes has a shared vision with North East Derbyshire District Council to ensure that North East Derbyshire will be a place that is clean and attractive, a place where people are proud to live, where they prosper and are safe, happy and healthy.

 Rykneld Homes  has set out 6 core values to ensure we deliver excellent customer care and meet the needs of our tenants and residents:

  • Valuing Tenants and Residents
  • Quality
  • Business Conduct and Governance
  • Workforce Development
  • Inclusion
  • Partnering

 These values are underpinned by our commitment to deliver or corporate plan which sets out our key objectives  2014-2017 to:

  • Support people to live independently and sustain tenancies
  • Build healthier engaged communities
  • Look after the environment
  • Increase housing choice
  • Be a high performing organisation.

 Rykneld Homes delivers a mixture of services to residents who suffer from dementia and their carers from Housing through to Housing Related Support Services. This means we are a key player in helping to achieve the outcomes set out by the Dementia Alliance.

Currently the Independently Living and Support services deliver housing related floating support to clients to over 2000 clients within the district by the provision of a community alarm and visiting warden service.  Furthermore Rykneld Homes manages over 8100 Council properties.

Our focus is to deliver services which meet the needs of our tenants and residents and support other services to deliver a holistic package which helps people live and remain living independently within their own homes.  This is incorporated and embedded within our corporate business plan.

North East Derbyshire has an ageing population and a high level of disability, Rykneld Homes understands the importance of working in partnership with Public Health services and Social Care in raising awareness of dementia, increasing diagnosis and enabling our tenants and residents to access the support they need.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The challenges when delivering these outcomes affect us nationally and locally, Ryknelds aim is to ensure our staff are empowered and have an understanding to help raise awareness and access support.

 Other challenges include:

  •  Ageing population
  • High level of disability
  • Social isolation
  • Increasing needs as more clients diagnosed: where to get support
  • Understanding the impact dementia has on services: looking at innovative ways to maximise our resources
  • Funding cuts affecting service delivery.
  • Ensuring dementia is high on all agendas to enable better access to funding
  • Linking into existing and emerging support services: public health and social care.

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2. Actions

  • Increasing and raising awareness of dementia and enabling our residents to access the support services they need.

    Training to be provided to staff to raise awareness and understanding of dementia including training of dementia friends and a designated dementia champion which will allow for updates and further training to be provided


    2015 - First Quarter Update

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  • Build partnerships; working with support services to enable better and easier access.

    Ensure links are built with existing support services that provide dementia support and support residents to access these services.


    2015 - First Quarter Update

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  • Promote and highlight dementia awareness and need for services in all forums.

    Ensure that dementia awareness and support services continue to remain high on the agenda to enable better access to funding and increase joint working partnerships: This will in turn enable services and resources to be targeted and resources managed effectively.


    2015 - First Quarter Update

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