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Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service delivers a service to 820,000 people in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. We operate from 28 fire stations and our Headquarters (in Huntingdon) houses our control room, management team, central operational teams and many of our support staff, who work in a variety of roles to support frontline activity. The three strands to our services are prevention, protection and operational response. Prevention – our community safety work is prioritised so that we offer help and support to those who are most vulnerable to having a fire in their home or becoming injured in a fire. This may be in the form of a Home Fire Safety Check or other community safety intervention aimed at educating, supporting, changing behaviour and keeping people safe. We are also proactive in arson prevention and road traffic safety working closely with partner organisations to achieve reductions in these areas. Protection – we offer advice and ensure non-domestic premises (schools, hospitals, businesses, factories etc) abide by fire safety legislation. Response – our crews of highly trained firefighters respond to a variety of emergencies, responding to approximately 4,000 fires a year and 900 road traffic collisions as well as dealing with demands of floods, chemical incidents and rescuing trapped people and occasionally animals.

16 November 2016
East of England
Emergency Services Sector
Local Alliances:
Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance, East Cambridgeshire Dementia Action Alliance, Cambridge City Dementia Action Alliance, Fenland Dementia Action Alliance, South Cambridgeshire Dementia Action Alliance, Huntingdonshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service has a vision of a safe community where there are no preventable deaths or injuries in fires or other emergencies.  In responding to emergency situations our staff are committed to dealing with all people in need or distress with dignity and respect. 

Our Community Safety plans outline how we will deliver interventions to keep people safe in their homes and communities. Our risk management processes help us to identify those who are most at risk.

We recognise that people with dementia are often among those at highest risk.  This is a community we need to be able to engage with to understand their needs and those of their carers, both at incidents and in community safety activities. 

We deliver Home Fire Safety Checks and install smoke alarms to those most at risk and are part of a multi-agency referral unit that can share information and refer at risk individuals to other relevant services.  We are continually looking to expand the partners we work with to reach people most at risk from the impact of domestic fires

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Understanding of dementia among our workforce and limited time/capacity for training. 

Ensuring information security is sufficiently in place to encourage a wider range of partners to share data with us to identify potential clients. 

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2. Actions

  • Data Sharing

    We will continually work to improve data quality and data sharing with partners to enable us (and them)  to identify people with dementia and their carers who are most in need of home safety interventions. We will contribute to research to identify fire and other related risks to people with dementia so we can intervent appropriately.

    Being implemented

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    Have set up data sharing agreements so we can now obtain data from e.g. adult social care and carers networks which can be used to focus safe and well visits on over 90s most in need (some of whom will be living with dementia). Have agreed data sharing protocol with Peterborough CC and now obtain relevant risk data from them. Have contributed to a piece of research carried out by Bournemouth University Dementia Institute to identify correlation between dementia and fire and other risks.  

  • Improved awareness

    We will improve awareness of dementia in majority of our workforce, encouraging them to become dementia friends through the national  dementia friends initaitive.


    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    Sessions have been offered to all staff of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service.   An estimated 600 staff, volunteers and Fire Authority members have attended awareness sessions and become Dementia Friends. Total staff complement is 664. 

    Sessions continue to be offered to enable new staff and any not yet aware of this opportunity. 

  • Dementia Champions

    We will support specific staff to become dementia champions so they can deliver dementia friends’ information events to colleagues.


    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    Seven staff have  become Dementia Friends Champions and are delivering awareness sessions to staff and volunteers within Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service as well as to other agencies and members of the public e.g. housing associations, Independent Living Service, WI, police officers and staff, community groups.  

    Theses Dementia Friends Champions have also participated in the development of DAAs in East Cambs, Huntingdon and Fenland. 

  • E-learning to improve skills

    We will improve knowledge and skills of operational and community safety staff in responding to the needs of people with dementia at incidents and during communtiy safety interventions through appropriate e-learning. 

    Being implemented

    2016 - Second Quarter Update

    Feedback obtained from sample of staff about what they had got out of Dementia Freinds sessions.  All say it has helped in their personal and family lives but also in responding to people during home fire safety checks or safe and well visits. One or two examples of how it helped them to support person/people at emergency incidents   Much more aware of the need to be patient and to be alert for indications of dementia when interacting with older people. 

    Discussed need to retain knowledge and all made aware of additional Dementia Training Package on our e-learning platform. This will continue to be promoted and evaluation of how many have completed this carried out at end of year.

  • Extending DAAs locally

    As members of a number of DAAs locally, we are aiming to extend membership of DAAs to other organisations, businesses etc.  We play an active part in DAAs to do this and have been approached by other agencies/organisatioons to deliver Friends' sessions and talk about becoming Champions so they can consider doing the same.  

    Being implemented

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New action