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iCareHealth (UK) Limited is the market leader in social care software solutions. Founded in 1993, we place considerable value on our long term commitment to developing solutions that enables nursing and care staff to deliver improved quality of care that meet the changing compliance and workflow requirements of the market. Our complete software solutions are now trusted by hundreds of social care organisations across the UK and Australia to make tasks quicker, more accurate and easily auditable resulting in more person centric and compliant care delivery. We invest heavily in both the product and the service. Common to both is the quality of our people, with a team of over 85 people putting emphasis on client service and product development. With our leading position in the market, we are able to continue to focus on what we do best. That is, invest in technology innovation that will support the changing needs of organisations delivering social care.

10 February 2016

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We believe that every person is entitled to receive safe, high quality social care services, delivered in compassionate and considerate ways. The needs of those people being cared for are becoming more complex and diverse. As a result, social care providers are under increasing pressure to continue offering the highest level of care.

Our software significantly reduces the time required to record and evidence activities, allowing nurses and carers to spend more time providing care to the most vulnerable people whose needs are greatest. It helps care staff to ensure that people in their care are receiving the right treatments and medications in the right way and at the right time, which is particularly important for people with dementia.

Through the provision of clinical information at the click of a mouse, clinicians and care staff can easily make informed decisions about a person’s care, based on the latest information. Continued assessment of each person’s care needs is vital to ensure changes are addressed and outcomes are improved. 

Our software also supports people with dementia to stay in their home for longer by helping to deliver the most appropriate care worker with the best skill set to meet the service user’s needs. Carers also have greater visibility of the service user requirements, likes, and dislikes at point of care, facilitating a more person centric and outcome focused approach to care delivery.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

A challenge to delivering these outcomes are the lack of skills and training provided to care staff within the sector. A recent study conducted by iCareHealth revealed that the importance of training staff was understood with more than 66% of respondents having given training to more than 70% of their workforce in the last 12 months. However, providers are expecting to reduce their overall spend on training over the next 12 months due to a high level of staff turnover, primarily caused by the low level of pay.

Another challenge has been the resistance to paying for software, because providers often struggle to afford the large upfront cost due to tight margins.

Care organisations are increasingly requesting to have independent quantitative evidence on the benefits of implementing technology.

Implementing a software solution requires a large organisational change to workflows. As both staff and managers are used to working on paper, the cultural shift towards replacing paper with technology can be resisted throughout the organisation.

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2. Actions

  • Develop a Learning Management System to enable care homes to manage all of their staffs training needs and ensure competency of staff.

    In an industry that suffers from high staff turnover we are looking at a more cost effective and easily accessible ways to train staff and check their level of competency.

    We are currently building a learning management system, with e-learning capability to offer providers greater flexibility around training. E-learning is a more cost effective option that allows users to learn at home or work. Staff can test their competency and recap modules until they feel competent and confident. Management can also view the competency level of their team to ensure staff are adequately trained and supported. The system can manage the training of a broad range of topics aside from the training of iCareHealth’s software solutions. These include the training requirements set out in the fundamental standards where e-learning can support face to face training.


    2015 - Second Quarter Update

    Still in development phase

  • Define and support organisations in the change management process during the implementation process.

    iCareHealth’s Implementation Planning Process (IPS) is the most comprehensive in the industry. Our approach ensures each provider’s current processes and workflows are closely analysed to ensure the software is configured to deliver the best possible outcomes, and make the change management as smooth and low risk as possible.



    2014 - Third Quarter Update

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  • Provide an evidence base that demonstrates the value of social care organisations investing in technology.

    We are currently assessing ways to quantitatively demonstrate the value that technology can bring to social care organisations. We will be commissioning an independent academic study that seeks to quantify the improvements in resident outcomes. Our management reporting functionality will help support this, providing the essential data for each resident, manager, home, region and organisation so that appropriate action can be taken to support the best outcomes for each person. 

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    2015 - Second Quarter Update

    In scoping phase

  • Encourage the organisations colleagues to become dementia friends

    The organisation has registered with Dementia Friends through the Alzheimer’s Society and will be skilling up key staff members as dementia champions to cascade training to the rest of the organisation, with the aim to have as many staff colleagues registered as dementia friends as possible.

  • Out in homes staff awareness programme

    The programme is designed to give non-field staff within iCareHealth the opportunity to visit care homes and home care providers on a quarterly basis. The aim is to better understand the needs and challenges of both the care staff and the people receiving care, many of which suffer from dementia. The insights gained will assist the iCareHealth team in developing solutions that help to solve market problems and improve the lives of people in social care (both workers and service users).