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Plymouth Community Homes

Council tenants in Plymouth voted in favour of transferring the ownership and management of 15,000 homes to Plymouth Community Homes in November 2008. Plymouth Community Homes ambition is to be a leading housing provider. Vital to us is being a strong, open, effective organisation, making a difference to people’s lives. We work for Plymouth by strengthening communities and improving homes. We believe everyone in Plymouth deserves a decent home. We encourage people to look forward so they can be involved and help evolve their area into something even better. There has been an increase in customer satisfaction of 15% as services to residents improve. The agenda over the next five years includes transforming the experience for the way our customers engage with PCH, and how we engage with them. This includes listening to the views of the customers to inform future service provision, and thereby continuing to increase our customer satisfaction levels.

27 August 2014
South West
Housing Sector
Local Alliances:
Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We have already held an Equality and Diversity café, where the key focus was dementia.  The Customer Service Team is also dementia friendly, and other staff within the organisation who specifically work within our Supported Housing Schemes have received dementia training.

 Our Executive Management Team have recently agreed recommendations to progress with Plymouth Community Homes becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation, and our action plan contains our plan to cascade crucial information about dementia to our front-line staff.

 We have recently been invited to present to a wider group of Housing Associations at the South West Equality and Diversity Forum, and will continue to respond positively to opportunities to “spread and word”.

 We continue to improve our facilities, recently opening our new offices at Plumer House, taking into account accessibility in the wider sense across a whole range of need.

 We continue to maximise the benefit of new technologies to support improved service delivery, and listening to the views of our customers to inform future service provision is of real importance to us in continuing to increase our customer satisfaction levels.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Dementia still holds a stigma, and this can lead to misunderstanding amongst social housing tenants, along with mistaking dementia for other less tolerated behaviours.  There may also be a difficulty in getting the right information both from and to our tenants.

 One of the key challenges in delivering these outcomes specifically in relation to Dementia, is in terms of the many other aspects of mental health where we endeavour to provide support to our residents.  As an organisation we are committed to improving the lives of our customers, and a real drive to signpost to other more appropriate services should we not be able to provide the assistance that is required.  This is why cascading information about dementia is of real importance in embedding the understanding within the workforce.

2. Actions

  • Dementia Champions using their knowledge and skills to work towards PCH becoming Dementia Friendly

    To build upon the knowledge already in existence about Dementia within Plymouth Community Homes, by cascading information to staff and management teams.  By sharing knowledge about dementia with other colleagues in the housing sector e.g. presenting at the South West Equality and Diversity Forum.

    Being implemented
  • Ensuring that the Sharepoint Hub is progressed, and contains relevant information about Dementia

    Continuing to build upon the information held on our local intranet site, so that all staff can access up to date information, and resources linked to dementia to assist them in providing support to any of our residents.

    Being implemented
  • Making a help pack available to staff who may be working with a resident with dementia.

    Continue to work towards making this help pack available to staff within Plymouth Community Homes.

    Initial Scoping