Older Persons Independent Living team , Sheltered Housing , Housing Service, Sheffield City Council

The Sheltered housing Service provides housing related support to older people living in sheltered accommodation across Sheffield.

8 August 2014
Yorkshire and Humber
Care, Local Authorities, Health
Local Alliances:
Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

The Sheltered housing Service provides housing related support to older people living in sheltered accommodation across Sheffield. This involves carrying out a needs risk assessment and support plan with each resident which is tailored to their individual needs. All our sheltered wardens have received training on dementia, how to recognise the signs and what support they can provide to enable people to continue to live as independently as possible. Refresher training is to be provided.

As part of our Young at Heart Project we have established a dementia friendly community pilot at one of our sheltered schemes. Working in partnership with health, other services and residents (particularly those with dementia) we have developed an action plan which sets out what we intend to do to make the scheme and the service much more dementia friendly to residents, their families and carers. We intend to raise and increase awareness about dementia amongst all residents who live in sheltered housing and how they can help those people affected.

We will soon be eligible to receive accreditation as a dementia friendly community and aspire to replicate this across all of our other 30 sheltered housing schemes.

 A number of managers and staff within the Older Persons Independent Living Team  have signed up to become dementia friends and some are committed to become dementia champions who will be able to deliver awareness sessions across the sheltered and housing service.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

  • That there is sufficient provision and commitment  from other services to help to meet the needs of those with dementia particularly those people who are in the latter stages of the disease
  • Raising awareness amongst other residents and families within schemes to enable them to understand what it means to live with dementia and how they can help by being friendly, patient, welcoming and understanding   .
  • Ensuring that staff have sufficient time to facilitate a range of activities at schemes (social physical cultural) and support individuals to become take part.
  • Access to local dementia awareness sessions to enable all staff and residents who have signed up to become dementia friends to attend sessions. 

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2. Actions

  • Dementia Awareness

    Access dementia awareness sessions for all those staff and residents who have signed up to become friends and provide refresher training for sheltered wardens   

  • Consultation

    Ask individual residents with dementia, their families and carers what  activities they would like to be involved in

  • Links with Local Groups

    Continue to  develop links with local groups  to enable use of communal rooms to hold a range of activities which promote social inclusion,  health  and wellbeing , such as coffee mornings,   arts and crafts , keep fit , knit and knatter, games afternoons ( cards , pool, dominoes, Wii games. ) Continue to promote and support gardening,  improvements and access  to communal gardens at schemes

  • Concerts

    Encourage membership of the Sheltered Choir – the Sheltered Voices and arrange opportunities for the choir to perform for residents at schemes.

  • Activities in Sheltered Housing

    Use Student volunteers to work with staff to facilitate activities at sheltered  schemes and encourage and support individuals to take part

  • Bring a Friend

    Establish “Bring a friend events” – arranged for one afternoon every month as part of the dementia friendly community  pilot

  • Environmental Changes

    Ensure  communal areas are painted in dementia friendly colours.

    Identify dementia friendly improvements to buildings signage, lighting etc. and implement when changes and improvements are made.

  • Dementia Friendly Communities

    Roll out concept of dementia friendly community to all 30 schemes across the city – by September  2014