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Diane Hinchliffe Creative People Development

I am an independent emotional health & wellbeing practitioner working with children, adults and older people offering: • ‘Creative Therapeutic workshops for groups using different creative methods, especially poetry, storytelling and photography, in creating space for self-expression, leading to increased confidence and a greater sense of wellbeing. • Individual Psychotherapy for Adults My work is always from a philosophy of relationship, participation and co-production, in that together we can be creative and create something new and different in supporting individual personal development. My professional profile is of someone with a high commitment to work, someone who can communicate well and develop and sustain relationships on multi levels. I respond to people with compassion, empathy and sensitivity, in identifying and addressing their needs and have an intuitive response to working with verbal and nonverbal communication, hearing what is being spoken whilst bringing to the fore that which is being felt and left unspoken. My value base is one of professionalism, compassion, integrity, quality.

22 June 2017
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Alliances:
Barnsley Dementia Action Alliance, Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

My recent and current work in the field of dementia includes:

  • Shaping our Age: An action research Health and Wellbeing project, involving older people in shaping services around their wellbeing. Including the development of creative activities in Sheltered Housing centres and in the local community.
  • ‘Striding Forward’: A creative dementia awareness workshop; developed and delivered in collaboration with carers and people living with dementia.
  • Poetry Practitioner for Arts in Care homes
  • Individual emotional support for carers through access to affordable Psychotherapy

I am currently developing a ‘creating spaces’ support group for carers; please contact me if this is of interest to you.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

As an individual working in this field I am having to constantly review my practices to ensure that I am current and can deliver on my outcomes. This is against a background of having to ensure regular income stream to maintain my security.

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2. Actions

  • Dementia Friends Champion

    I have completed Dementia Friends Champion training and am available to deliver dementia friends sessions to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

  • Services


    Therapeutic Spaces

    I provide access to therapeutic spaces for family members through individual psychotherapy and creative workshop programmes. I will ensure that access to these spaces is affordable, collaborative and meaningful in supporting family members, as they support their loved living with dementia.

    Striding Forward: A dementia awareness workshop

    I will continue to raise the profile of dementia through the ‘Striding Forward’ experiential workshop programme which encourages discussion and consideration of the emotional impact of dementia, as told by family carers and people living with dementia, promoting reviewed perspectives and compassion in supporting quality of life of those affected by dementia. 

  • Access to Creativity

    Creativity is a key vehicle for self-expression, building confidence and self-esteem, through provision of a safe space in which to give our non-verbal voice a voice.  I will continue to highlight the value of involving individuals living with dementia in creative activity, in particular thorugh my work with poetry, and seek opportunity for partnership working in improving access to such activities.

    I am currently seeking grant funding for an action research project to explore the interface between arts and wellbeing for older people, people living with dementia and family carers. I am seeking interested carehomes to be involved in this work. 


    2017 - Second Quarter Update

    My work with poetry in care homes with people with dementia continues and as provided valuable space for individuals to find a voice to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of life, living, death and dying.

    A report is avaialble from the action rsearch undertaken in 2015.

    Recent work (2017) has been funded by the Mayors Charity in Barnsley to support people with dementia to have their voice heard.

  • Partnership Working

    I will work in partnership with other members of Barnsley Dementia Action Alliance, Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance and service providers in Barnsley and Kirklees in sharing good practice and informing service delivery.

    Working from an involvement-led philosophy, where appropriate I will engage family members and people living with dementia in evaluation; giving opportunity for voice and influence in ensuring the services I provide are relevant to need.  Where appropriate I will act as an advocate and referral point in supporting quality of life.