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The Queens Care Centre

We are a care home providing personal care for people over the age of 55 years. We have 67 beds and cater for a range of needs from elderly frail, dementia and physical disabilities. We are privately owned by a local GP and our manager is a registered nurse. We provide personal care to the highest standard and always treat each service user as an individual. We believe in trust and respect and ensure that all our staff are trained in Dementia Awareness, End of Life and Person Centered Care. We respect the need for privacy and dignity and will only intervene with care once asked or required. We want our service users to live a fulfilled and as independent a life as possible here at The Queens.

12 May 2015
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Alliances:
Rotherham Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We deliver a safe and supportive environment within The Queens where staff engage respectfully and in a timely fashion to our residents. We always aim to promote an enhanced quality of life for those in our care and for each individual to flourish and be as independent as possible. We want our residents to live their lives to the fullest whereby we react promptly to the changes and challenges that their condition can present. We actively support family members and close friends with adaptive issues, and ensure that the person we are caring for and responsible for leads the planning of their own care wherever and whenever possible. We offer continuous professional development and support to all our staff so as to ensure their knowledge and practice remains current and in line with up to date dementia care practice. We ensure our environment is as dementia friendly as possible and that we provide a wide variety of nutritious food choices and varied daily menu. We offer daily activities and leisure/hobby pursuits for all our residents and schedule 1:1 time on a regular basis also. We encourage all our residents wishing to participate, whilst helping those less able to engage as much or as little as they choose. In conclusion, we ensure that all of our residents are offered a complete support package, which is underpinned by our philosophy of person centered care.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

The main challenges facing our care home at present is the constant pressure to deliver the highest standards on the lowest possible fee level set by our local authorities and central government. The level of care we can provide on the current funding level does not match the level of care we wish to provide in an ideal world. We find that there continues to be a lack of understanding about the finer elements of dementia care and what it actually entails on a daily basis and on occasion, we can experience difficulty and challenges regarding what level of care is achievable.

2. Actions

  • Pursuing Excellence in Dementia Care

    All staff employed at The Queens recieve a minimum of Dementia Awareness training and Challenging Behaviour training as part of their induction.  Fact sheets are provided for all staff and family members to read and all, including kitchen and housekeeping staff are encouraged to do so.

    All staff receive regular individual support along with planned group supervisions ehich include reflective practice around dementia and care planning/ intervention.

    We work very closely with the Care Home Support Team, Social Workers and our local Mental Health Team in order to ensure that we are delivering the best possible care for each individual resident we are responsible for.

    We encourage each resident to be actively involved in his or her care planning process, thereby facilitating the person centered approach wherever possible.

    Every relative, family member or friend will be included and supported in relation to the care planning process and kept informed of the residents' progress within the homes' environment.

    We have a nominated Dementia Champion as well as a Registered Dignity Champion.  Our manager also in actively involved in providing support, guidance and ongoing direction to all staff.  The above individuals cascade all additional learning down to our staff group in order to ensure we are providing the best and most up to date practice as possible.  Families and Friends are referred to local support networks should they feel the needs to obtain further information.

  • Providing the best possible Environment for our Residents

    At The Queens we have a continuous rolling maintenance and re-decoration programme in place so as to ensure we are offering a warm, safe, clean and visually appealing environment for all of our residents and their families.  Our environment is designed so as to encorporate dementia friendly signage, directions and stimulations wherever possible so as to enhance the residents quality of life and promote their independence.

    We have commenced a program of developing discreet and fascinating areas of interest around the home such as themed areas so as to offer distractions for people experiencing agitation and wandering as a result of their condition.

    We consider all modes of communication with respect to dining areas, ensuring that all senses are stimulated such as smell, vision and taste.  Our Catering Manager is in the process of photographing all of menu items so as to provide the immediate stimualtion of choice and recognition.

    We have extra wide corridors throughout the building that offer plenty of space for movement and rest areas with chairs.  All residents are free to move around their area of the home to their hearts content as we provide minimal controls within our corridors.  Support is always offerd from staff with walking either by providing an arm to hold or assisting with aids such as wheelchairs and frames.  All of our corridors are equipped with hand rails that are purposely a different colour so as to stimulate their usage.

    All of our toilets throughout the home are individually sign posted as well as each door being painted yellow with a blue frame. This aids to promote independence with each individual when staff are asked where the toilet is.

    We have beautiful grounds around the home that provide generous outside spaces for people to enjoy.  We have secured patio areas, water fountains and a sensory garden where each plant is non-toxic as well as being fragrant and colourful.  Each garden area is fully accessible to all residents whether they are able to walk or need a wheelchiar to access.

    Being implemented
  • Aging Well and Living Better

    From the outset of employment within The Queens Care Centre, all staff are taught to understand that each person in our care is an individual and that they have individual needs.  Linked to this we understand that a robust and individualised activities program is crucial in order to deliver the best possible care and attention.  To that end, we have a wide range of activity sources addressing a variety of needs.

    We aim to include all of our residents in the day to day social aspects of the home and encourage all to participate in the activities provided.  We ensure meal times are protected and a sociable event so as to stimulate good nutrition without distraction or interrupption.

    We encourage our residents to live the rest of their life and to be as fulfilled as possible within the parameters of their condition.

    For End of Life, we have a dedicated End of Life Lead who has cascaded her knowledge to all levels of staff so as to promote and ensure the best possible outcome.  Here at The Queens, we acknowledge that End of Life care is as important as daily life care and to that end, we have extremely close links to the local district nursing teams, Hospice and End of Life Community Specialists.  We belive that staff should fully optimise the persons end of life pathway and retain the individual within our care home as fas as possible so as to promote continuity and comfort.

    We provide family members and close relatives with a spare room wherever possible and ensure that they have full access to any refreshments required.  We offer support and friendship to the family in every way possible so as to ensure that the process of End of Life is as dignified as achievable.